7 Unique Dating Apps That Actually Exist

Dating can be daunting at the best of times, so finding a good or suitable dating app for yourself may seem like the worst job in the world. Finding something suitable no matter how quirky you are or what your job maybe could be the one thing that gets you your life partner.

When looking at dating sites or apps make sure you look at a suitable one with good reviews. Looking into the reviews of dating sites will save you wasting your very valuable time. Look at sites that can help with this such as lovenet-jp.com. Filtering out the correct site to use can help in finding a more suitable date.

The horror of dating is something many people find difficult to deal with. In person, this may seem like a task that you could quite happily stick on the back of your to do list and never look at again. This may be down to nerves or maybe your past relationships have left you feeling hurt and unsure. 

Whatever the situation surrounding your past dating issues and worries be rest assured, there is someone out there for everyone. Giving dating another go is the only way you will see if there is a partner out there for you, if this doesn’t happen straight away, you can at least have fun trying.

Looking for someone with similar interests as yours

Ok so now let’s get to the fun part about dating apps or sites, this can be super fun. The fact is there is always someone else that will be as quirky as you. Quirkiness comes in all different ways or maybe you have a strange job that might turn off someone who’s not as open minded as you are.

Think about what you want from the dating app? Fun? Serious? Or having a great time until maybe this develops into something else? Exclusive dating? Or dating several people? The choice is endless and as long, as you are honest this can work out well.

There are many time wasters out there when it comes to dating so maybe looking and concentrating on one particular interest, make that your focus and maybe the highlight of your profile. By concentrating on something you are really into, will show the other users whether or not they are also on the same page as you.

Sometimes weirdness, quirky jobs, and humor will be your biggest positive advertisement. Using your strengths will always show you in a good way. Lying about your interests and hobbies will just lead to more lies especially if you do not know about the subject you have said you are interested in.

Dating should be fun 

Dating can and should be fun. Getting to know new people is interesting, learning fun facts that you may not have known otherwise. Even if you find socializing more difficult than other people you will have the bonus of being behind your screen while you are doing it. If you do not like where your conversion is going then you can always remove the person in question, without having the awkwardness of telling them or having to leave a date abruptly this is one way to know you will not have to feel uncomfortable. 

If you are being asked questions that you are not comfortable with then make sure you say so. Just because you have chosen to engage in a conversation with someone, does not mean you should have to answer things that you are not comfortable in revealing. This also works the other way round, so if someone is not comfortable with answering certain questions then that’s ok too. 

Try to have fun while asking your questions, avoiding subjects that are not looked upon as light hearted, things such as politics, or religion, unless someone has stated otherwise in their profile it can put a stop on what has not even gone past the go sign!

As tempting as it may be,  try not to talk about your past relationships too much, while it is fine to say you were hurt and certain behaviors are unacceptable to you, there is a limit on how much you should talk about these things without it seeming like you miss this person. Honestly, that is what your friends are for, to unload and share your problems.

7 unique dating apps that actually exist  

1. Sizzl. So if you just love a little bit of streaky bacon there is an app for bacon lovers! Believe it or not, this is real. If you love red sauce or brown it seems it does not matter, the mutual interest in bacon will give you something in common from the get-go! Sizzl is the one for you!

2. Dead Meet. While many of us appreciate the fact that you are alive there is a dating app that is more to do with death, so if your job involves any service to do with that, maybe this is something that will interest you. From funeral directors to embalmers it seems there are some things that people share job wise that are not to everyone’s liking. Dead Meet may be for you.

3. Adult Baby Dating.  This is not for anyone who is not into this type of scene. If this is something that you are not into then avoid then the reality is you will probably be offended, but if this is something that you are into then you will be in your element. Some markets have a selective clientele. There is something for everyone out there. Daily Diapers are available. 

4. FurryMate.  This is an app for people who like to put on animal costumes, so if this is something you enjoy doing but find it hard to discuss with a new partner, it may be best from the start off to try an app like this first! FurryMate could be the way to find the one.

5. SeekingArrangement. Sugar babies are normally used by a girl looking to be treated in a certain financial way. It can range from shoes, haircuts or new cars. A sugar baby is looked after by a sugar Daddy, he will gift, his baby with all the necessary gifts she would like in her everyday life. Sometimes these men will be married and sometimes the girls want nothing more than the latest handbag. It is always a mutual agreement that is sometimes worked out before the dating process begins.

6. MissTravel. Looking for someone to travel with? Yes, you are correct, there is an app for this, too. It seems arranging to meet in another county is acceptable and in turn, will have some benefits to who is paying the bill. MissTravel is not likely to be footing that expense!

7. HerpesFish.com Herpes playing you up? If this is something you suffer with then, HerpesFish.com is the app for you with fellow suffers on the app there is no need for an explanation before taking things to the next level.


It doesn’t matter who you are, how weird you think you may be, or what quirky habits driving everyone else you know mad, you are you. Without our differences as people, no one would ever meet anyone with similar interests. What makes your quirkiness any different from someone else? Society may say that your ideas don’t fit in a box, but who’s box?

The world has this strange notion of what is weird, quirky, or out there, but looking at human behavior as a whole, this is not correct in many ways. As long as you are a good person, do your hobbies matter to other people? if they do not directly harm them then it truly is none of their business what you do.

 For these dating apps to exist, many people will have joined up.  As long as you are not hurting anyone or doing anything that is illegal then why as a society do you get to judge. Dating is supposed to be fun so if you are a bacon lover looking for your soulmate, then go ahead and find the sauce you need to make your sandwich complete!


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