7 Things Exclusive to Redheads

Redheads make up only about 2% of the world’s population, and that scarcity makes them all the more intriguing. Cultural reactions have varied from ridicule to admiration.

Many common stereotypes exist regarding redheads, and they are often portrayed as fiery-tempered.

1World’s Largest Redhead Festival

Every year on the first weekend of September, an extraordinary gathering of thousands occurs in the picturesque Dutch town of Breda. Redhead Days is a festival that unites natural redheads—without distinctions in shade or style—from around the world,

The festival—which with 6,000 participants last year holds the record for the most natural redheads gathered in one place—has been held since 2005, with participants from more than 80 countries including Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and Germany.


2World’s First Magazine All About Redheads

Redheads make up only about 2% of the world’s population, and that scarcity makes them all the more intriguing. So when Tristan Rodgers decided to launch a magazine focusing on the culture of red hair, we couldn’t wait to take a peek.

MC1R, named after the gene that’s responsible for the unique hair color, started as a photo project with a group Rodger’s red-haired friends that kept expanding. Eventually, the 31-year-old had such an extensive collection of their stories and pictures that he looked into building a publication.

Since then, the passion project has taken on a life of its own—it features art and fashion editorials, interviews with designers and musicians, and articles about the ginger networking culture that’s on the rise.


3130 Redhead Photoshoot

Photographer Brian Dowling has shot portraits of more than 130 redhead women for a book raising awareness of bullying.

The artist, who is originally from Mississippi but now lives in Berlin, photographed models from over 20 different countries for Redhead Beauty.

Dowling had previously photographed redhead celebrities including Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, and Amy Adams. He came up with the idea for Redhead Beauty after talking to a ginger friend of his who had won a beauty pageant.


4Ginger Discount Restaurant

Prestatyn’s Ginger’s Grill opened in 2016 and immediately became a worldwide sensation after it started offering money off food to carrot tops.

The eatery gives people with natural ginger hair a 20% discount. It is Owner Mark Linaker describes himself as a former ginger and believes carrot tops deserve a break.

The offer attracted global attention and remains a talking point for customers coming to the restaurant. Now Linaker is set to expand the site with a new upstairs bar opening. Mark—who has shaved off his receding red hair—said the discount would continue on select ginger themed cocktails and added that beyond the gimmick this bar would bring something new to Prestatyn.


5Online Dating Site Just for Redheads

If you’re a redhead looking for someone whose hair is just as bright and fiery as yours, you’re in luck. Introducin—Redhead Dates.

Redhead Dates is essentially exactly what it sounds like—a dating site where redheads are the focus. That being said, you don’t have to be a redhead to join. The site’s tagline reads, “A dating site for redheads and those who fancy redheads.” You can set up a profile for free if you reside in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia. May the dating odds be ever in your favor, folks.


6The Sexy Naked Redhead Calendar

Ginger women have been idolized for a while, but ginger men are still sometimes viewed as more Sherminator than Jessica Rabbit. Attitudes are finally changing, and the stock of the redheaded male has never been higher.

Damien Lewis is touted as the next James Bond. Greg Rutherford and Ben Stokes have won Olympic gold and the Ashes respectively. Prince Harry is perhaps the most eligible bachelor in the world. So, nothing could be more satisfying than seeing a big group of other gorgeous ginger guys team up for a calendar to raise funds for a variety of anti-bullying campaigns. The second Red Hot Project is a collaboration between photographer Thomas Knights and British designer Elliott James Frieze, highlighting some of the hottest and fittest red-haired men in the world.


7All-Redhead Metal Band

Believe it or not, there is a metal band from Auckland who writes songs about life as part of the 25—those born with red hair. Bloodnut is the band you didn’t know you needed in your life. The stoner sludge trio might not make music to please the masses, but their tongue-in-cheek approach to what they do is something we could all benefit from.

They refer to themselves as a “band of gingers.” On their new album St Ranga— a title which winks at Metallica’s best-forgotten record St Anger—they explore what they call “the darker side of what it means to be red of hair” and “songs that cover religious persecution, the negative myths and history surrounding the 2%”.

The group consists of singer Doug McFarlane, guitarist Doug Robertson, and drummer Ty Boniface.


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