7 Of the Strangest And Funniest Car Crashes

The moment you set foot inside an auto vehicle, you become susceptible to experiencing an accident. Even if you are an experienced driver who abides by the rules, factors like infrastructure, lack of attention and concentration, alcohol or drug consumption by another driver, and so on, can lead to an unwanted accident. Although accidents like these can be very severe and can cause lots of damage, some accidents are so absurd and ridiculous to the point of being quite funny. In this article, you will have a look at 7 of the strangest and funniest car crashes.

1. The Good Old Days

This accident happened after a 24-year-old decided to live up all his childhood fantasies and made himself a vehicle just like the one in the Flintstones. Apparently, just building the vehicle was not enough as he proceeded to drive the so-called car on the road, resulting in a four-car crash. To everyone’s surprise, this happened while he was sober.

2. Risky Business

Being a valet sure has its perks, but it isn’t easy business. A young valet found this out the hard way after taking out a Masserati for a test drive. Unfortunately for him, the test did not finish well as he managed to crash the Masserati into a Jeep. The Jeep also totaled a Porsche 365SC Coupe, which was nearby.

3. Who is Ready to Order?

This funny accident happened back in January 2013 when an elderly man driving a car, managed to get his foot stuck on the gas pedal and crashed into a pizza restaurant.

4. Left vs Right

Similar to the two previous car crashes, this one is not far from being tragically funny. It all happened after a racer got confused and mixed the gas pedal for the break one. As a result, the car crashed into two other parked race cars owned by the motorist. Luckily for him, he had extensive auto insurance for all these vehicles and managed to get the claims.

5. Double Trouble

If you thought that crashing one car was bad, wait until you hear about this 66-year-old Grandma who managed to crash two cars, two days in a row, into two different businesses.  Ironically enough, one of the businesses affected was an Eye Care Center.

6. Young and Restless

A funny accident that could have ended up badly happened after a 2-year-old child decided to take his father’s truck for a drive. As anticipated, the truck crashed into the family’s house, but fortunately, the baby did not get hurt in the process.

7. Struck by Popularity

While trying to impress his group of friends, a 13-year-old managed to steal his mother’s car. Regrettably, things did not go as planned after he observed his mother, got scared of her reaction, got distracted, and finally ended up crashing into a tree nearby.

In conclusion, accidents do happen all the time, and some can be stranger and funnier than others. But to avoid being taken by surprise by an unexpected accident caused by yourself or other bad drivers, proper vehicle coverage is indispensable.

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