6 Recent Stories of People Who Lost Their S*** for Ridiculous Reasons

  • Some people just really need to take an anger management class. Or several.

We all lose our cool occasionally. It’s not a good thing, but it happens — you just have to sincerely apologize afterwards for whatever you might have said in a fit of anger.

But there are also those times where a simple “sorry” probably won’t be enough to fix things anymore. You know, when somebody suddenly sees red and goes completely apes***.

You don’t always even need a real reason for someone to flip the table. These six stories show that all it can take is an incredibly minor inconvenience.

1) Man Beat Another with a Skillet for Declining Fried Potatoes

Be careful if you turn down someone’s lunch offer. They might not take it well, like this 27-year-old man from Pennsylvania.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the man was frying potatoes on January 27. He then offered the spuds to another 32-year-old man.

When the other man said “no thank you,” the cook became “suddenly enraged,” reported KBTX. He threw the hot potatoes — along with the frying oil — into the victim’s face.

He then proceeded to hammer the skillet down onto his head so hard that the handle snapped off. The victim was taken to a hospital with burns and serious head injury.

The cook has been arrested and faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He must’ve put a lot of effort into those potatoes.

2) Japanese Train Driver Sues Employer Over 49 Cents

A worker should get the paycheck that’s due to them. But sometimes you have to wonder if fighting an insignificant sum is worth it.

In June 2020, Japanese train operator JR West docked 56 yen — about 49 cents — out of a train driver’s paycheck. The reason was a work mix-up that delayed train operations by one minute.

Train schedules are very strict in Japan, but that still seems a bit unreasonable. Still, most people would’ve probably muttered something unprintable about the employer and moved on with their lives.

But not this man. In November 2021, he sued the company, seeking 2.2 million yen, or nearly $19,500, in damages for mental anguish, reported the BBC.

We couldn’t find out what the end result of the court case was. But whatever it was, we’re guessing it cost the driver more than 49 cents.

3) Man Pulled out an AK-47 for Having to Wait 10 Minutes for Pizza

On November 19, 2021, Charles Douglas Doty, Jr., of Knoxville, Tennessee, walked into a Little Caesars restaurant. The 63-year-old approached the counter and ordered a pepperoni pizza.

You can’t just pull a pizza out of thin air. But Doty apparently didn’t know this because he snapped when he was told he’d have to wait 10 minutes for his meal.

Doty initially demanded an order of free breadsticks for having to wait. He then left the store — only to return a moment later armed with an AK-47 assault rifle.

“He pointed at me saying: ‘Where is my d*** pizza, I want my pizza,’” Kimberleigh Murrell, who worked at the store at the time, told WVLT.

Doty also prevented another employee from leaving his shift, eventually holding him hostage. Luckily, the situation defused when another customer who had just received a pepperoni pizza handed her order to Doty.

Doty was later arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault and one count of especially aggravated kidnapping.

4) Woman Stabs Male Cousin Over a Borrowed Sex Toy

Crystel Denham, 33, had a bizarre encounter with her cousin at her home in Corbin, Kentucky. Namely, she stabbed him due to a dispute over a sex toy.

According to the police, Denham’s cousin Michael Barton had showed up at her house on October 28. Apparently, he’d come to get back a sex toy Denham had borrowed from him, wrote Newsweek.

We’ll have to assume that Denham didn’t want to give the toy back, because the cousins got into an argument. At some point, Denham grabbed a knife from her kitchen.

When she told Barton to get out of her house, he grabbed Denham by her elbow. She then used the knife to stab him, causing “three minor cuts.”

When the cops arrived to arrest Denham, they reposted that she “formed a fist with each of her hands, bladed her body in a fighting stance, swelled her chest out, and began approaching.” The threatening gesture didn’t work though — she’s been charged with felony assault, and multiple misdemeanors for resisting arrest.

5) Man Shot at His Father Over an Incorrect Wings Order

Alika Unga Suliafu, from Utah, was facing a charge of attempted murder in October 2021. He had tried to shoot his father because he got his chicken wings order wrong.

According to the arresting officer, Suliafu’s father returned home after picking up an order of chicken wings for his son. But Suliafu, upon noticing that the wings weren’t the kind he liked, started an argument with his dad.

This must’ve gotten heated, because during the argument Suliafu retrieved a handgun from another room. Although his father begged him not to shoot, Suliafu pulled the trigger.

Luckily, the shot missed and the pulled smashed through the wall into the neighboring apartment, before hitting their dishwasher. Suliafu’s father tackled him and tried to wrangle the gun out of his hands.

During the tussle, the gun discharged twice more, but both bullets harmlessly hit the ceiling. The father finally ejected the magazine from Suliafu’s gun and his son fled the apartment until the cops picked him up.

6) Florida Man Settles a Parking Dispute with a Flamethrower

A parking dispute between two Florida neighbors got heated last November — literally. Andre Abrams, 57, fired a commercial flamethrower at a car with three teenagers in it.

According to his neighbor Ashley Gainey, Abrams regularly used the flamethrower to drive away guests coming to her home. The man later told the police that he’d resorted to fire and flames because of a long-running feud with Gainey over parking.

He wouldn’t go into details, but he said Gainey and her kids were “the worst thing that could ever happen to a neighborhood.” Suffice to say, they didn’t get along.

On November 30, Gainey’s daughter and two of her friends were sitting in a car that Abrams clearly thought was incorrectly parked. He approached before starting to spray the flamethrower at the car.

According to Gainey’s daughter the flame within five feet of the car, and the teens escaped through a passenger side door. Luckily, no one was hurt, though Abrams got slapped with a felony aggravated assault charge.

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