6 Odd Hotels Every Traveler Must Visit

If you love to travel, then booking hotel stays is second nature to you. Sure, there are other options these days like Airbnb or Couchsurfing, which can feel odd to some people. But, then again, if you book at one of these very odd hotels, Airbnb and Couchsurfing will seem more than tame in comparison.

Here are six odd hotels every traveler must visit.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Love dogs? The Dog Bark Park Inn is for you. Visit Cottonwood, Idaho to see and stay, at this very unique hotel. Shaped like a (nine-meter-tall) beagle, this dog house is a hotel and not a kennel. You can sleep in the dog, with 26 carved “dogs” to keep you company. And if you need a snack, The Dog Bark Park Inn serves dog-shaped cookies to munch on, too.

Hotel Costa Verde

And if you love planes, why not spend the night in one? No, it’s not like when you have to fly overnight, stuffed into a tiny seat and completely unable to get comfortable at all. You do have to travel to Costa Rica to visit, but once you get there, your stay will be anything but a cramped, unmoving seat. This Boeing 727 plane has been turned into a two-bedroom luxury guesthouse. Not only is this experience one of a kind but the location offers jungle and ocean views. The rooms are air-conditioned and they each have their own bathroom. You can stay in and cook in the planes kitchenette or enjoy food and drinks at El Avión, a restaurant, and pub located in a C-123 Fairchild cargo plane.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

This place is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve ever thought you could live underwater, you’ll get a taste of it here. Fiji’s Poseidon Undersea Resort offers underwater rooms with an endless view of the sea and a truly once in a lifetime experience. You can also enjoy fine dining beneath the sea or above. The resort also boasts a library/lounge, theater area, and a conference room/wedding chapel. If you want an active stay there is a nine-hole executive golf course, private splash pools, a fitness center and tennis courts to keep you moving. And of course, there’s the ocean for all your diving, swimming and exploring interests.

Skylodge Adventure Suites

If you’re a thrill seeker with a strong stomach and a trusting spirit, you could stay in a room, that hangs off the side of a mountain. Cuzco, Peru offers rooms that hang 400 feet off the side of a mountain and is the “first ever hanging lodge in the world.”  There isn’t much privacy in this room but the views and experience more than make up for the lack of alone time. The cost is about $300 per-person but includes dinner, wine, and breakfast. And to get down from your room, you must exit via zip line, also included in the cost and clearly the coolest check out practice of any hotel.

V8 Hotel

This German hotel in Stuttgart is a car lover’s dream. Themed rooms are all related to the automobile featuring vintage cars, racing paraphernalia, and drive-through cinemas. No two rooms are alike, so each guest has an experience all their own. The rooms all are furnished with beds and furniture made of real vehicle parts. For an extended stay, they offer V10 Service apartments, that include larger rooms, a full bath, kitchenette and a terrace. You can book by the week or month, with or without hotel staff and cook on your own our eating out. Vacation here to truly make your stay all yours, and just the way you like it.

Ariau Amazon Towers

This eco-friendly retreat offers a array of primates and gorgeous birds as a part of their stay package. Situated in Manaus, Brazil, in the Amazon treetops, these rooms include private balconies atop the world’s largest tropical forest. While you’re there, check out the treetop swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. For fitness, there are five miles of canopy-skimming walkways. You can also find excursions by foot, canoe or boat for more sights of the environment and nature of the Amazon. Unfortunately, the Ariau Amazon Towers have since had to shut their doors due to tourist decline in the early 2000’s.

These resorts and hotels are like no other, and some of them are truly odd. If awesome, different travel and locations are what you want, visit these places to get just that.

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