6 Myths About Coffee You Need to Stop Believing Immediately

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Some people can’t imagine starting their day without a fresh cup of brewed coffee in the morning, while others despise it due to some trivial myths. If you are a tea lover, that’s a whole other thing, but somehow there are innumerable questionable things that fall behind this magical beverage.

Often cited as the most misunderstood addiction, coffee tends to keep its mythical notorious reputation of having various side effects or negative impacts on our health and general well being. Well, this is an article that will help you fall in love with coffee all over again and get you completely informed of all the myths that follow this joyous beverage.

Myth #1: Coffee Deprives You of Sleep

Among many other myths about coffee, the one that states that too much coffee can cause insomnia is utter gibberish. Coffee contains a famous stimulant called caffeine, and if consumed in abundance, caffeine can make you feel more alert than normal.

Believe it or not, but this feeling of alertness is only short-lived since once you consume coffee it gets processed through the liver at the speed of lights. Then it goes directly to the kidney and in a matter of 15 minutes, caffeine gets complete gone. Even if you had your cup of coffee in the late evening, by the time you go to bed, caffeine will have been gone.

Myth #2: Coffee Helps You Lose Excess Weight

Unfortunately, this is yet another myth. Caffeine can boost up your metabolism, but only to some extent. This slight metabolism push will not help you lose weight, neither will it help you combat the desire not to eat.

People who say that they can live without food and only drink coffee instead are workaholics who don’t have a normal urge for food, but even they cannot live solely on coffee. If you constantly drink coffee, this might reduce your hunger urge for a brief time, and that’s it.

Myth #3: Coffee Can Help You Sober Up

For years, if not centuries, people have been searching for a natural remedy for a hangover. Even if it would be fantastic, coffee also doesn’t help you fight off that hasty hangover feeling. As already mentioned, caffeine can keep you more alert but is a sturdy myth that caffeine can reverse the negative cognitive impact of alcohol.

What’s more, you may end up feeling worse and with and even more severe headache than before. One cup of coffee after a sleepless and adventuresome night may make you more awake but beware since this is just a momentous state.

Myth #4: Coffee is Addictive

It is absolutely true that caffeine contained in the coffee has certain participles that stimulate your central nervous system. This stimulant can cause a slight dependence on this beverage, but this is a completely similar effect to tea.

If you don’t drink coffee or a day or two, or even for weeks, nothing will happen, there won’t be any side effects like with some other addictive substances such as heroin.

Myth #5: Coffee Can Be Hazardous During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman goes through various phases. Consequently, it is only logical that she should look after her health and limit the intake of caffeine among other things. Drinking a cup of coffee per day instead of usually two is what she should do more or less.

Like everything else that an expecting mother intakes, caffeine passes through the placenta and can reach the baby. However, there is no scientific proof that this is harmful to the fetus.

Myth #6: Dark-Roasted Coffee is the Strongest One

This is actually true the other way round. If you were to drink dark-roasted bean coffee you will taste a strange, acidic taste. The reason behind this opposite myth is that roasting burns off the caffeine within coffee beans. Therefore, the acidic sensation behind the dark-roasted coffee can give someone the underlying sensation of a stronger taste.

In Conclusion

Coffee. You either love it or hate it. Enjoy every sip of your delightful beverage, and don’t believe all the myths that you may have heard about coffee. They might have been made up by a tea enthusiast.

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