6 Most Horrible Things People Have Found in Their Food

  • We don’t know about you, but we just lost our appetites.

We’ve all had the same gross experience. You order some food and take the first bite, only to pull a long hair out of your mouth seconds later.

But on the scale of awful things you could find in your food, a stray hair really isn’t all that bad. At least it wasn’t anything that could cut up your mouth… Or worse.

Here are some of the most horrible stuff people have pulled out of their food, both at restaurants and from groceries.

1) Mouse in a Loaf of Bread

In 2009, Stephen Forse of Kidlington, England, bought a loaf of pre-sliced bread. He had already eaten a few slices when he made a disgusting discovery.

At first, he thought the dark batch stuck to the corner of the loaf was just discolored dough. Then he noticed the fur.

It was an unfortunate mouse that had somehow gotten itself baked into the loaf. The worst part of it was that the critter’s tail was missing.

Had it simply been ripped off as the mouse-bread got packaged, or did Forse accidentally feed it to his family along with the slices he’d prepared? He’ll never know.

As a result of the incident, the food company that produced the bread was fined more than $23,000.

2) Knife in a Subway Sandwich

Mr. John Agnesini ordered a footlong sandwich from an NYC Subway in 2008. When he bit into the sandwich, his teeth clenched around something hard.

Pulling the item out of the sandwich, Agnesini discovered it was a 7-inch-long knife. Luckily, he bit into its partially melted handle instead of the blade.

He didn’t get his mouth mutilated, but Agnesini claimed he got a case of food poisoning from the sandwich. But he did also get a $20,000 payment in compensation.

Needless to say, he hasn’t been to Subway since.

3) Razor Blade in Ice Cream

In 2011, Stephanie Granger was left screaming after trying to have some of Wal-Mart’s peanut butter ice cream with a movie. And no, she wasn’t screaming for ice cream.

She was screaming because after a couple of bite, something cut the inside of her lip. What she thought was just a piece of tin foil turned out to be a broken razor blade.

Unlike in the previous two cases, though, Granger didn’t get much in the way of compensation. According to the woman, Wal-Mart apologized for the incident and wished her a better day going forward.

4) Severed Finger in Frozen Custard

Like Ms. Granger, Clarence Stowers from Wilmington, NC, likes frozen treats. Or at least she did, but that might’ve changed after she bought a pint of frozen custard from Kohl’s Frozen Custard in 2005.

Stowers discovered a strange, solid object in the custard. Thinking it was a piece of candy incorporated into the pint as an extra treat, she popped in her mouth.

When she realized the thing wasn’t edible, she spat it out and went to rinse it off in a sink. In her own words, she “just started screaming” when she realized it was a severed finger.

According to an investigation by North Carolina state department of agriculture and labor, an employee had managed to lose a finger in an accident with a food processing machine. At the same time, another employee at the drive-through finger had scooped up some custard to serve to Stowers.

The stars aligned right and the finger ended up in her serving.

5) Tooth in a Milky Way Bar

We all know too much candy is bad for your teeth. But usually it’s just your own teeth in jeopardy.

In 2010, Sue Calhoun from Texas bought a Milky Way bar while accompanying her husband on a trip to purchase a new tractor. She got halfway through her treat when she bit into something hard.

Calhoun figured it was a peanut or something. Then the realization hit her — there are no peanuts or other hard ingredients in Milky Ways.

She spat out a tooth into her hand. Only, it wasn’t her tooth.

The Mars Corporation offered to take the tooth out of Calhoun’s hand, but she decided to keep it as “possible evidence.” The last development in this case we could find was that Calhoun intended to have her dentist identify what kind of tooth the thing was.

6) Condom in Big Mac

In 1997, William Smith entered a McDonald’s in Easton, PA. Clearly, the man was hungry, as he ordered two Big Macs, fries, and a drink.

Smith consumed the first burger without issue. But when took a bit of the second one, he noticed it didn’t taste quite right.

And no wonder. Between a patty and a bun was sandwiched a condom.

Smith approached the restaurant’s manager, who took the condom and went into the back. According to Smith, he asked the employees there who had slipped the condom into a burger.

Smith claims the “guys” had a good laugh about it, but nobody confessed. So, Smith pressed charges physical and emotional illness.

In the end, though, a judge dismissed the case with no reason given. Whether that was the right decision, you can decide for yourself.

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