5 Quirky Gifts That are Sure to Delight

There always seems to be one relative or friend who is a little off. Maybe they have a wild personality, or they are really geeky. Whatever the case might be, a “normal” gift just will not do! Here are four quirky gifts that are sure to delight their weird and wonderful personality.

A Game for the Ages

Trivia board games have certainly been making a huge comeback in popularity lately. While there are plenty to choose from both old and new, it’s one of the newer ones that you should definitely consider for any Boomers on your shopping list. Boom Again!

This super-fun game is filled with trivia from the ‘50s, ‘60s, & ‘70s and covers some fantastic categories. Who knows the most about music and movies? Who remembers the “three Rs” and the lessons from their grade school days? From the counterculture to political movements, pop culture, and everything in-between, Boom Again is perfect for those quirky Boomers you love so much.



There is a certain psychology behind changing one’s hair. When people need a major change in their life, their hair is usually the first outward sign that it’s happening. But sometimes a wig makes us feel good, change perspective, or allows us the freedom to be someone or something else. Ask any cosplayer or actor; a new ‘do makes all the difference.

Now, don’t discount the men! Go back in time to their old yearbooks and you might get a good laugh at the hair gel and ozone-killing amounts of hairspray they used for their mullets and Flock of Seagull sculpted styles.


3D T-Shirts

Probably one of the funniest things on the internet is the 3D monkey t-shirt. All that’s needed is a tiny bit of imagination, a great sense of humor, and a belly.

Of course, there are plenty of other 3D t-shirts. Other popular choices include geometric shapes, graphic designs, and fantastical art that will have people staring.

Options include 3D animals and stunning landscapes, neon art, mind-boggling optical illusions, and more. These shirts are a great way to show creative expression and let your quirky friend know that you have put a lot of thought into their gift. Another fun option is to have your face printed on a shirt. Well, at least they will always know who to thank.


Tiny USB Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve got a retro-loving desk jockey friend, who happens to be a clean freak, a tiny USB vacuum cleaner might be the perfect quirky gift.

This tiny vacuum cleaner plugs into a regular USB port, which powers up the little sucker. They will never have to worry about dropping crumbs as they snack at their desk. Just plug it in and vacuum up the mess.

It’s a great conversation starter. And if the co-workers in the cubicle next to them thought they were odd before, this will likely remove all doubt.


On the Rocks

For those quirky friends who love their drinks “on the rocks” – this is the perfect gift. These granite discs only need to be chilled and, unlike ice, will not dilute the complex taste of a good whiskey. The fine spirits in the liquor cabinet will thank you.

The handcrafted stones are collected from New England beaches. This is a set of six granite stones that come with a wood tray. No more messy ice trays or watered down after-hours drink. Granite is also non-porous, hygienic, and withstands the test of time.

When it comes to shopping for that quirky friend, thinking outside of the box is not always easy. These four options are a tiny sampling of unique gift-giving ideas. From wigs and unique attire, to tiny vacuums and whiskey rocks, there’s a little something for everyone.

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