5 Most Expensive Lego Sets of All Time

Where are all the Lego kids at? Remember the 90s, when there were only ten sets, and you had to buy bulk bricks to do anything cool? Things sure are different now, with Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jurassic World, and Marvel sets. Any decent movie franchise also has some very fancy sets associated with it. Which is fine; it’s just different. 

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Despite the fancy new blocks, some vintage sets are still in high demand. Lego enthusiasts may have some of these sets lying around in their garages. If you bought them but never got around to opening them, you might be sitting on a future fortune.  

5 Most Expensive Lego Sets of All Time

2007 Millenium Falcon, $4000

Back before Disney cheapened Star Wars into a mass-produced empire, this complicated little ship was a must-get for fans. Lego stopped a run on the set by pricing it at $500, well out of the range for even die-hard collectors. 

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2000 Statue of Liberty, $3500

It’s impossible to find this 2,800 piece set that stands three-feet tall when completed. Just the instruction manual is being sold for a few hundred online. It begs the question, who was that much in love with America back in 2000? You stand to make some serious money if you bought this behemoth but didn’t get around to building it. 

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2015 H.C. Anderson’s Clumsy Hans $2000

Lego gifted Inside Tour sets to people who visited their offices; they were unavailable to the public and produced in minimal runs. But also, this set is not that cool? At least, Millennium Falcon cool. There were less than 500 made, and they’re tough to find on the collector’s market.

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2008 Taj Mahal, $2600

Part of why this set’s so collectible is the sheer scale of rare pieces and tiny details. The 6000 piece kit looks like an absolute blast to put together, so it’s hard to imagine that many people have a pristine collector’s set. 

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2011 Shinkai Submarine $800

The very first fan-designed Lego set only sold in Japan and went for less than $50. But since there were only 10,000 of the set made, it’s turned into a real collector’s item. Talk about a return on investment. Lego didn’t have curved pieces when I was a kid; our submarines were all very boxy. 


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