5 Crazy Expensive Bottled Water Brands

Bottled water has been around longer than you’d expect. Our modern-day obsession with hydration still feels new-ish. Evian and Nestle have been in the bottled water business for almost a century, ever since indoor plumbing became widespread. In retrospect, finding a natural spring claiming it’s “yours” and then selling a natural resource that belongs to, well, everyone, is some real capitalist audacity. It’d be like claiming sunlight, branding it, and selling it to people who are Vitamin D deficient because you’ve monopolized the sun. 

The only thing more audacious might be the price of these luxury bottled water brands. Here are the five most crazy expensive bottled water brands. 

ROI Water

$60 for 750 mL

From the luxury water company Fine Liquids, ROI water comes from an 8,000-year-old spring opened by Apollo himself, astride the winged horse, Pegasus. It’s supposed to give you a longer lifespan because the spring was the source of the Greek gods’ health and power. Of all the waters on this list, it’s the one most worth the money. 


$102 for 750 mL

They claim their water isn’t just carbon neutral; it’s carbon negative, saving the polar ice caps from melting. That can’t possibly be true because they can’t undo the damage from the rest of the world. But every bottle comes with its own gift tube, which is nice. 

Kona Nigari Water 

$402 for 750 mL

It’s expensive because they get it from the deep-water ocean off the coast of Hawaii. Supposedly it’s packed with more minerals and electrolytes than any other water you can buy–which makes sense if they’re selling saltwater? But, it’s supposed to be better at hydrating you. And they claim it’s the most sustainable water you can buy. I don’t know how sustainable it is to spend that much on bottled water, though. 

Fillico Jewelry Water

$3200 for 720 mL

Fine Liquid produces this one besides their more modestly priced waters. It’s the premier product in their luxury line (yes, luxury waters) called Babel. The mineral water comes in a heavily jeweled bottle with Swarovski crystals and gold inlay. 

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

$60,000 for 750 mL

This is hands-down the most expensive bottled water in the world. The water sounds cool–from natural springs in Fiji and France, but it’s the packaging that drives the price tag. It’s a 24-karat sculpted Modigliani head. Water snobs say that it has an exceptional flavor, but you have to say that if you spent $60K on a bottle of water. 


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