40 Beer Fun Facts You Need To Know

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, making it the most consumed as well. Here are all the beer fun facts you need to know.

  1. Beer is made and served with natural ingredients and around the world.
  2. Over 42 billion gallons of beer are made yearly, worldwide.
  3. Adults living in the United States drink over 7.4 billion gallons of beer a year.
  4. Brewing beer is a process and biochemical reactions need to happen to make beer.
  5. Beer is the third most popular drink, after water and tea.
  6. Breweries are of the most creative and innovative industries.
  7. Beer is something that anyone passionate enough can make. From craft brewers to industry leaders, you can even make beer at home.
  8. The United States doesn’t even rank in the top ten of overall beer drinking.
  9. College universities have masters programs in brewing. A four year brewing degree didn’t exist until 1971, when the University of California added a fermentation science degree to its curriculum. 
  10. There are health benefits to drinking beer. Beer has antioxidants and you can even bathe in it. 
  11. There’s a beer for anyone. Most bartenders claim that they can find anyone a beer they would like, even if they claim not to like beer. 
  12. Put simply, beer is fermented hops. It’s a flavored, malt-sugared liquid.
  13. For many, beer is tasty, cheap, and easily available. 
  14. As of 1983, there were 49 licensed breweries in the United States. By the end of 2017, there were 8,863.
  15. Anheuser Busch sells over 160 million barrels of beer in the United States.
  16. Beers ingredients are essentially made of four ingredients, barley, (wheat or rice,) hops, yeast, and water.
  17. McDonald’s around the world sell beer, including France, Germany, Portugal, and South Korea.
  18. Not only are all beers made with the same ingredients but they are also brewed the same.
  19. California has the most brewers according to 2017 data, and Washington comes in at a close second with 499.
  20. In the middle ages, beer was considered a necessary part of people’s diets, and not the recreational beverage we see it as today.
  21. Ancient Greeks didn’t drinking much beer as they preferred wine.
  22. Water is very important and can make or break each batch of beer. 
  23. The more the barley is dried post malting, the darker and more roasted the beer is going to taste. 
  24. Wort is then mixed with hop for bitterness and the beer taste. Then yeast for fermentation once cooled. Yeast is responsible for peak flavor and converting sugar to Co2 and alcohol.
  25. So many different kinds of beer can be made and thought up with creative people who have their own ideas about it. 
  26. The taste depends on alcohol content as well. Beers usually range about 3% to 10% alcohol. Sometimes that number can go as high as 17.5% in some specialty beers.
  27. The earliest of beer brewing was done by women in Ancient Europe.
  28. The earliest evidence of beer drinking was found in Iran, and dates back to 3,500 B.C.
  29. Most beers are ales and lagers. Ales can be Stouts, India Pale Ales, Lambics, Wheat Beers, and Porters. These beers are known for their heavy, fruit flavors.
  30. Lagers include Pilsner, Bocks, Schwarzbier, and Malt Liquors. They are generally crisper and have a cleaner beer taste. 
  31. The beer industry in the United States annually profits over 100 billion dollars.
  32. Ales and lagers are fermented differently, lager is made at the bottom of the barrel. Ale uses a different type of yeast, and the yeast rises to the top and ferments about 15 degrees warmer than a lager, producing a completely different flavor.
  33. The strongest beer brewed comes to us from a Scottish Brewmeister. It’s 67.5%. It’s called Snake Venom.
  34. Bud Light is the largest selling beer in the world. This has got to be the best of all beer fun facts?
  35. Light beer is lager beer that’s been brewed to have less calories, carbohydrates, and often, less alcohol. 
  36. It takes twice as long in the brewhouse to make bud light than other beers.
  37. Budweiser has 5.0% alcohol, 143 calories, an 10.6 carbs. Whereas it’s lighter counterpart, Bud Light, has 4.2% alcohol, 110 calories, and 6.6 carbs in comparison.
  38. With NA beer, it’s best to proceed with caution. NA doesn’t mean no alcolhol at all. The legal definition of non-alcoholic in the US is less than .5% by volume. The amount can vary by brewer. 
  39. The Czechs love beer so much, they have the highest per capita consumption at 35.2 gallons per person per year. This makes them the number-one drinking nation in the world. However, China consumes the most beer overall, as a country.

These beer fun facts are super fun and shareable. Which fact is your favorite?


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