21 Facts About Boobs That Prove They’re Amazing

Did you know the left boob is usually bigger than the right boob? Here are 21 amazing facts about everyone’s favorite part of the body, the boobs!

1The Average Bra Size For Women Is 40D

At least in the United States.


2Nipple Stimulation Leads To Increased Attraction

A 2012 study suggests that men have learned that by stimulating the nipple, a woman is more inclined to feel attracted and connected to her partner physically. The study concluded that this evidence explains why men are so attracted to breasts.


3A German Model Has The World's Biggest Fake Boobs

Mayra Hills, who models under the name “Beshine,” claims to have has size 32Z breasts on her 5-foot-6 frame. Weighing 20 pounds each, her 10,000-cc assets require the model to wear a 32Z bra, which just so happens to be the equivalent of a XXX-sized bra. Because of her giant chest, and 59-28-26 measurements, Beshine has most of her clothing custom-made.

The largest breasts recognized as a world record

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