19 Geeky Trump Protest Signs

If his historically low approval ratings are any indication, Trump is angered a whole lot of people—including nerds. Of course, with the March for Science coming up on April 22, 2017, expect to see even more hilarious anti-Trump protest signs in the next few weeks.

1Facepalming Picard

The friendship between Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen is legendary in geek culture. It should hardly be surprising then that McKellen showed up at the Women’s March bearing a sign depicting his BFF’s classic facepalming meme.


2Just Try to Grab Supergirl's Goods

Ian McKellen was hardly the only celebrity with a geeky protest sign at the Women’s March. Also present was Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl—she made a sign based on her character’s powerful anatomy.


3The Good Old Bat Slap

Some people just don’t know when to shut up.


4Bobby Hill is Ready to Fight

You don’t grab someone’s purse without permission, just like you don’t grab someone’s pussy—even Bobby Hill knows the appropriate response to either is a swift kick to the balls.


5Don't be Xenophobic

Even if we’re talking about xenomorphs.


6The Worst Kind of RPG Character

Chaotic Good, Evil, and Neutral are all acceptable alignments in a role playing game, but chaotic stupid? That’s apparently something you only encounter in real life.


7Fear Leads to Ignorance, Ignorance Leads to Hate

Science and Star Wars in one protest sign? It’s perfect!


8Where's The Doctor When You Need Him?

Daleks are hell bent on the destruction of any species but their own, and seem to have a particular affinity for destroying the human race. Does that really sound much different than Trump?


9The Death Star Destroyers

Whether you love the original trilogy or couldn’t get enough of Rogue One, this sign is a great reminder that Leia and Jyn were critical in taking down the Empire’s world-destroying weapon.


10A Trump Never Pays His Debts

The Lannisters may be murderous and incestual, but at least they pay their creditors unlike the First Family.


11Crank it to Eleven

You sure don’t want to mess with this girl, she will wreck your world without lifting a finger.


12Fight the Borg

Resistance may be futile when you’re going up against the Borg, but against Trump, it can be very, very powerful.


13Paul Blart is Better

This sign says all you really need to know about President Trump’s popularity.


14Green Eggs and Groping

This clever little rhyme should be a children’s introduction to why pussy grabbing is not ok.


15Don't be So Irrational

With the unwarranted claims of Obama’s wiretapping and 3 million illegal voters, there seems to be few limits to the extent of Trump’s irrationality. While irrational numbers are fine in math, the trait isn’t something you want in a president.


16Smart, Sensual Woman

Even Tina was able to take some time out from looking at Jimmy Jr.’s butt to make a statement about Trump.



If only politicians could be marched through the city streets naked for lying about sex crimes.


18The Force Is Weak With This One

And if you strike the orange Hutt down, he will most certainly not come back stronger than ever.



Voldemort and all of the Malfoys may have found their home in Slytherin, but even the Sorting Hat would have had a hard time justifying the decision to put Trump in with all the other Slytherins and with the failure of his Healthcare plan and Muslim Ban, it seems Trump can’t even pull off great, but terrible things like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.


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