17 Weird Examples of Star Wars Merchandise

1Zombie Wars Posters

If Star Wars is awesome and Zombies are awesome, then combining the two is surely a stroke of awesome brilliance.


2Monster Star Wars Characters Bobbleheads

Like the Zombie Wars posters, these bobbleheads combine an awesome sci-fi movie with some classically awesome movie monsters. Yoda is a zombie, Chewbacca is a werewolf and Darth is Frankenstein.

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3Jedi & Sith Bathrobes

Ever wonder what Jedis wear when they are just lounging around the house? As it turns out, their bathrobes look almost the exact same as their street clothes, only they come in soft terrycloth.


4R2-D2 Aquarium

Everyone loves R2-D2, but sometimes having a lifesize replica in your home can just take up too much valuable space. Fortunately, this stylish fish tank gives your swimming friends and your favorite droid a cool place to hang out together while making your place look awesome.


5Galactic Funk Album

Sure the Star Wars soundtrack is pretty bumping on its own, but just imagine the complete and total level of awesomeness that occurs when you mix the cantina song with some sweet disco and funk beats.


6The Star Wars Cookbooks

When your wookiee needs a cookie, there is no better resource to make him feel like he’s back in the relaxed forest of Tatooine. Better yet, since one recipe book couldn’t possibly contain all of your favorite Star Wars recipes, there are even two volumes for your baking, frying and chopping pleasures.

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7C-3PO's Cereal

I don’t know about you, but when I think about droids, I don’t think about munching down on their delicious nuts and bolts. For some reason, the marketing team at Kellogg’s during the 1980’s did though and this bizarre part of a balanced breakfast came into creation.


8The Dark Side Coffee

If you like your coffee black and you like your force to be dark, what better way to blend the two than with this gourmet coffee blend that has been hand roasted by Storm Troopers? It’s a perfect accompaniment to some droid Os.


9Darth Vader Imprinting Toaster

If you’re looking to make lunch a little more force-friendly, then make yourself some Darth Vader toast, whip up some tuna salad and enjoy a darkside tuna melt. Finally your breakfast, lunch and dinner can all belong in a galaxy far, far away.


10Space Slug Oven Mitt

If you need some help getting your Tusken Raider Taters out of the oven, this space slug is happy to help, just make sure you never make the mistake of thinking he is actually a cave.


11Light Saber Chopsticks

Of course, to eat all of your delicious intergalactic delicacies, you’ll need to pick up the right eating utensils for the job and these light saber chopsticks are just the ticket.


12Pond Wars Ducks

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a nice long bath, unless that bath happens to be the center for an intergalactic war between the ultimate evil republic and the freedom fighting rebels. Did I mention these guys glow in multiple colors thanks to sweet LED lights?


13Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

This delightful piece of merchandise is so ridiculous that it was actually created as an April Fool’s Day prank. Think Geek got so many requests for the item that they ended up getting the rights to make the sleeping bag become a reality.


14Wampa Skin Rug

Sleeping inside of a tauntaun is really only a necessity in the freezing extremes of Hoth. When you’re ready for a more sophisticated night of romance by the fire, only the skin of a vicious wampa will do.


15Eau Lando Cologne & Slave Leia Perfume

Billy Dee Williams is a pretty big stud, leaving Lando Calrissian to take on that role by proxy. If you’ve ever wanted to pull in the babes like Lando, then you’d better get to spritzing. As for the geeky ladies who wish they belonged in Jabba’s harem, there’s also a special perfume for you.

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16Lando Calrissian Disguise Kit

If your problem with ladies isn’t related to your smell, but rather, your looks, then relax and let the Lando Calrissian Disguise Kit help you pass yourself off as the studly administrator of Cloud City.


17Rejected Merchandise

With some of the crazy merchandise that has been put out there, it actually seems strange that these great ideas would be canned. Personally, I would love to get my hands on a Death Star barbecue, Princess Leia braid headphones and a Jabba bean bag.


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