15 Odd Yet Funny Gag Gifts


We all love a good gag gift, and what’s better than odd, funny, and weird gag gifts? Is that not the point? Here are some of the best, odd, and funny gag gifts that you can get.

Leave-Me-Alone Useless Box Kit

This is the best, already. The one and only function of this box is to immediately undo what you just did. So, when you turn the switch on the Useless Box to “On,” a little “finger” pops out and and turns the unit back off. To get the most fun out of this gag gift, be sure to keep it out in a public-ish place, so that lots of people attempt to use it and can join in on the fun of the Useless box, too.  Buy Now!

You’ve-Just-Been-Poisoned Mug

This 11-oz. premium ceramic mug reads “You’ve been poisoned.” But the gag part about it is that it doesn’t say it on the outside of the cup. Nope, it says it inside, on the bottom. So, you can’t read this until after you already drank what was in your cup! Funny, and genius.  Buy Now!

Pet Rock Kit with Adoption Certificate 

This pet rock comes with an adjustable leash, blanket, and, of course, training newspapers. It’s easy to transition your pet with the adoption certificate and colorful rock habitat. Each “pet” is hand-selected and sent to you, ready to play. Order your new pet rock today!  Buy Now!

Engineer “Excuse” Dice

Need to make an excuse? All you need are these dice, and it will be easier than ever. The three (3) dice provide you with a problem, a reason for the problem, and a solution to help you fix the problem. Perfect.  Buy Now!

Canned Unicorn Meat

This meat is magic in every bite, at least according to the packaging. This meat comes from the unicorns that are treated like Kobe beef, and the unicorn’s coat is massaged daily with Guiness, and the unicorns are fed solely on a diet of cotton candy, to help fatten them up. Over time, the meat becomes fatty and marbled. Sounds delish. What do you think?  Buy Now!

Phantom Keystroker Prank V2 – Time-Delay Dial, Caps Lock, Keyboard, and Mouse Switches

This is the best of high-tech office-based prank devices out there. This looks like a harmless flash drive, but this contraption is perfect for unlimited torture to unleash on your office.  Just attach it to anyone’s computer, you don’t even need any drivers to install it. The phantom key stroker emulates a keyboard and mouse and will make random mouse movements, turn on and off the caps lock, and types out garbage texts and phrases. This is just the beginning. If you want to annoy your office, you’ve got to get your hands on one of these, and pronto.  Buy Now!

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff – Doormat

You can give this as a gift or buy one and keep it for yourself. Anyone that lives in a questionable area or thinks someone may want to break into their house should have one. Plus, this doormat has a soft surface and is a good size. Its unique design allows it to not get stuck in your door. It’s also non-slip and durable. It’s easy to clean and maintain, too.  Buy Now!

Car Eject Button

All the yes for this gag gift! Who doesn’t want a car eject button? This button plays an awesome role in movies and is perfect to catch your unsuspecting passenger. This car eject button has a universal design that fits all vehicles with a standard 12-volt power source. The button also doubles as a functional cigarette lighter button.  Buy Now!

WARNING: To Avoid Injury, Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job

Get this for that person that hates their job. You know, the one that is always complaining and they are being micromanaged? They need this sign. It’s a durable gloss vinyl decal/sticker with protective laminate overlay that will prevent it from fading or being scratched. You could get these for people who love their job, too. It could go in the garage, man cave, or right on the top of someone’s desk.  Buy Now!

OLD Over-The-Hill Birthday Candles 

These candles are fun for anyone over the age of 30. People get really sensitive about their age and people talking about it, especially after 30. These candles read, “OLD,” so that you don’t even have to put an actual number to it.  Buy Now!

Kid Repellent, Lavender- and Vanilla-Scented Soy Candle

This funny gift is great for anyone who has or is around kids. This candle will make everyone laugh, and hopefully also provide some peace and quiet. Also, lavender and vanilla are both calming scents and, as such, would add a great and relaxing scent to the air.  Buy Now!

Hairy-Chest Tank Top

This women’s racer back tank top comes in multi-color and in sizes small through extra large. Not only do you see a hairy man bod, with nipples and all, but it’s even skin colored to make it look more real.  Buy Now!

Dear A**hole: 101 Tear-Out Letters to the Morons Who Muck Up Your Life

This gift is priceless, and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate them. Want to leave a note to the person who parked like crap and took up two (2) spots? What about the person that openly littered in front of you? Well, now you have a note to give them! “Dear A**hole” comes with 101 letters for all of the assholes in your daily life. Each letter is perforated, so that you can easily rip it out and hand it to the jerk in front of you. You’ll want to have this book on you all the time, so that you can always give people a piece of your mind, via letter.  Buy Now!

Follow Me, Bring Beer – Flip Flops

These personalized sand imprint follow-me sandals are a hoot, if nothing else. All you have to do is walk around and you’ll be leaving messages everywhere. You may never have to buy beer again! All you have to do is walk around a lot, and people will buy beer and start following you. Eventually, they’ll catch up to you, and you can all have the beers they brought, together! This gift will be the favorite of anyone you give it to.  Buy Now!

Zen as F*ck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t

Already, this is the greatest gift. People who can use zen and swear words in the same sentence are my kind of people. And we need more of them in this world. Not only is this book beautiful and uplifting, but it also guides you to further capture not giving a f*ck in this life, which can be the most valuable skill you have. The book is filled with positive affirmations and cathartic-as-f*ck activities, along with all the good vibes.  Buy Now!

If you want to get someone a great (gag) gift, or just something fun, any of these choices would be awesome. Who has to get one of these gifts for their friends, and soon?

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