15 Gifts For Men That Don’t Suck

Gift giving is not easy. Since guys are notoriously tough to shop for, Cool Material created the ultimate directory of men’s gifts. Here’s a review of 15 products that caught our attention. Sponsored Article.

1Quinny Longboard Stroller

Finding time to squeeze in a ride on your board when you have tiny tots is damn near impossible, but it just got a whole lot easier with Quinny’s aptly named Longboard Stroller. The product is exactly what it sounds like—a specially designed longboard combined with everything a stroller has to offer, minus the wheels.

The Longboard Stroller offers a good balance between ensuring the safety of the child while maintaining the authentic feeling of longboarding (at moderate speed, of course). I don’t have any kids, but shut up and take my money!


2Igloo Party Bar Cooler

Igloo is a name that’s synonymous with coolers, so it should come as no surprise that one of the latest innovations in cooler technology bears their name. LED’s illuminate the interior of the cooler tub, so the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. While being able to see into the dark recesses of a beverage tub makes it easier to grab the drink you are looking for, removable dividers assist with organization. Additionally, a top caddy allows for easy access to special items, and the cooler comes with a built-in bottle opener.


3Teqball – An Awesome Combination of Football and Table Tennis

At its most basic, Teqball combines football (or soccer, depending on your locale) and table tennis. Teqball’s table resembles a ping pong board. Players hit the ball back and forth, and can also juggle and pass it to one another (in double games) like you would in hackysack or volleyball. The curved table keeps the ball moving towards players and encourages fast action.


4Heimplanet Tents

We love spending time in the great outdoors as much as the next guy, but pitching a tent is almost always the worst part of the weekend. However, thanks to the ingenious folks at Heimplanet, it doesn’t have to be.

The entire tent is designed to be inflated with a pump and is made from high-quality materials like polyester and thermoplastic polyurethane, and it has a sturdy exterior frame. The sewn-in storage bags and extra ventilation points offer extra flexibility and comfort. There’s even a multi-chamber safety system in case of emergency. The tent is also weatherproof.


5The Yuneec Multicopter Shoots 4k Video

If you’re serious about shooting video, and you’ve thought about picking up a drone, you need to check out Yuneec’s latest Typhoon Q500 4k quadcopter. This modular system is built around a 3-axis precision gimbal camera that attaches to either the Typhoon Q500 multicopter or the CGO Steadygrip ground handle. The camera shoots 4K/30fps Ultra-HD video, 1080p/120fps slow motion video and 12-megapixel photos, and the by land and by air options give you additional use on the ground when weather, battery life or locations don’t cooperate. When you’re in the air, you get 25 minutes of flight time, different flight modes (Follow Me, Watch Me, Angle, Home) and a touchscreen-based ground station that feels like the RC planes your dad wouldn’t let you play with when you were a kid.


6UE ROLL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Most portable speakers are only “portable” when your destination is an air-conditioned house, but the new UE ROLL is portable in the truest sense. The Bluetooth speaker is IPX7-rated waterproof, so you can take it to the beach, a rainy campground, or even into the shower.

The UE ROLL is dirt-proof, so the great outdoors won’t damage its exterior or electronics. It’s also stain-resistant, so if it gets dirty, you can just rinse it off. On top of all of that, it pumps out an impressive sound in every direction.


7USB Flash Drive with a Keyboard for Your Password

For those who want something physical to store their data and files on, a USB flash drive is still the popular choice. The fear, of course, is that you’ll lose it, and someone will have access to all the private info you have on it. It would help if you chose the Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive. The storage device uses AES 256-bit encryption and has a physical keyboard built into it for password access. When you remove the dongle from your computer, it automatically locks. If someone tries to access it unsuccessfully ten times, it will even wipe the data to keep it out of the wrong hands.


8.45 Colt Nickel Bullet Cuff Links

Some novelty cuff links are so overpowering that they become the focal point of your entire outfit. These .45 Colt Nickel cuff links made in the USA by Bullet Cuff Links and are both intriguing and oddly stylish at the same time. Made from recycled bullet casings, each set of cuff links will add a just the right amount of badass excitement to your standard three-piece.


9Shark Jaw Bottle Opener

When you want to tear into a cold one like a ravenous beast, check out this handy Shark Jaw Bottle Opener. This heavy metal bottle opener allows you to sink some teeth into your delicious prey while keeping your chompers intact. The opener is constructed from aluminum and has been draped in gold plating. The Shark Jaw Bottle Opener is not only more interesting than your average bottle opener, but it will also last longer—and it is pretty inexpensive too!


10Komono Watch – The One

Not only does the Komono Watch eliminate the second hand, it eliminates the minute hand as well. The time between hours is marked off in five-minute increments, so the passage of time is not covered by several hands in motion. The black one piece leather band adds to the watch’s stealth appearance.


11Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks

These Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks are made with an Islay single malt from a 200-year-old distillery and are kiln dried. Are they perfect for men whose hobbies include things like getting into a cage with a lion or chopping firewood with their bare hands? We’re not sure, but relaxing with a fine single malt after a meal is a luxury we stand behind.


12Collar Stay Punch

Lose your collar stays and that crisp, clean dress shirt will look like a relaxed button-down made for the beach, not the boardroom. To make sure this never happens again, invest in a Collar Stay Punch.

How does it work? Take your old credit cards, gift cards, or random pieces of plastic and punch a few new collar stays out of them. If you’re like my boyfriend and lose collar stays all the time, then this is the tool for you!


13Fish Flask

Fishing is an exercise in patience. You cast a line, you sit, you wait—and that’s why you bring alcohol. For a drinking vessel appropriate for a day at sea, may I recommend the Fish Flask. It’s very practical, well-made and fits perfectly into an inside pocket while out fishing or hunting.


14Machined Aluminum Wallet

The Machined Aluminum Wallet is light and strong. We are impressed with its simplicity, form, and functionality. The tight elastic band keeps cards and money organized and in place. Band replacements are available and priced very fairly too!


15Virtually Indestructible Lightning Cables

Have you ever had an experience in which one of the cables of your device has broken? The middle of the cable stays intact, but the ends always split or the coverings come off. In such an instance, Virtually Indestructible Lightning Cables are a really convenient and practical choice. The cables are wrapped in two layers of flexible steel, and each cable is Apple MFi certified, has a limited lifetime warranty and is made with its housing fused directly over the cable to keep the connectors in place.


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