15 Clever Maternity Shirts

Our Editor-in-Chief Grace Murano is delivering her second baby boy, Marco, this week… congrats! In her honor, the awesome guys from Maternity Shirt.com have made these cute, funny and clever shirts only a mother-to-be can wear proudly.

1We are hoping it's a pony

A great comeback to the boring “Oh, you’re having a baby?” ($19.99)


2Eviction Notice

Oh no! We’ve just got wind of an eviction notice. Except this time it’s good news. ($19.99)


3I just wanted a back rub

All you asked for a was a simple back rub, and now you’ve got a bun in the oven! ($19.99)


4Does this baby make me look fat?

For 9 months, you can blame the baby. ($19.99)


5Can I get the WIFI password in here?

Your baby is trying to connect its iCord to the Internet to no avail. Give him the right password already! ($19.99)


6Peeking Baby

That baby is checking to see if it’s time to come out! ($19.99)


7Pizza Ultrasound

It’s that a baby pizza? Aww… you can see his olive, isn’t that cute? ($19.99)


8Keep calm, I'm pregnant with a boy

It’s a Boy! Keep calm people, there’s a little fella on the way. ($19.99)


9The Force is Strong with this one

Strong with this one, the force is. Beware that if you touch this baby bump, you might feel the power of the force! ($19.99)


10Rocker Skeleton

Do you have a tiny rockstar a brewin’ in that belly of yours? It’s ready to grab a guitar as soon as it comes out, and maybe even try its hand at lead vocals. ($19.99)


11I think I may be pregnant

It is way past the point of thinking “I just ate too much,” unless that burger was bigger than we thought. ($19.99)


12It's all fun and games until someone gets pregnant

It was all fun and games, wasn’t it? ($19.99)


13Mooning Baby

You’ve got a real ass in there! ($19.99)


14Baby Loading

There’s a bun in the oven! Computer nerds can’t beat this “loading” tee for expectant moms. ($19.99)


15Get me outta here

He’s writing it from the inside. ($19.99)


Find more maternity shirts on the parent site, Crazy Dog T-shirts.

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