12 Unusual City Slogans on Welcome Signs

1Gettysburg, South Dakota

Somebody in Gettysburg, South Dakota has a sense of humor.

Gettysburg lies near the Missouri River and boasts roughly 1200 inhabitants. Now you know where to go when you want to get away from any Civil War reenactments.

Note in case you missed History class: The Battle of Gettysburg, fought from July 1-3, 1863 in the state of Pennsylvania, is considered the most important engagement of the Civil War.


2Happy, Texas

There are innumerable websites and self-help books to help you find your happy place. And most experts say you don’t need a map to get there, because it’s not a place but a state of mind. That’s where they’re wrong.

The agricultural town of Happy is in northern Texas, on Highway 87 in Randall and Swisher counties, and is part of the wider metropolitan area of Amarillo. Happy is, in fact, on the way to Amarillo.

The town is overflowing with friendly people who possess the kind of charm you only find in the American South. One resident said, “Despite our problems, I’d rather live in Happy any day than Boring (Oregon), Tightwad (Missouri) or No Name (Colorado), though I’ve always been tempted by Sweet Lips (Tennessee.)”


3Gas, Kansas

Serioulsly, a flatulence joke? My guess is there’s a large male population there.


4Weed, California

“Weed Like to Welcome You”


5Whitesburg, Kentucky

This is not just a welcome sign. It’s a landmark.

The 61-year-old sign seems simple enough, perched near a curve on a hillside knoll on what’s informally known as “the Old Road to Whitesburg.” Its white backboard has gotten dingy with age, but it’s red and blue Royal Crown Cola logo is still gleaming, and it still welcomes folks to a town of “1,534 Friendly People Plus 2 Grouches.”

Bradley Bentley started the RC Cola Bottling Company in the 1940s and erected the sign a few years later. He said Letcher County residents have always been curious about who the town grouches are. People would stop stop him and other family members on the street to ask about it, but that’s a secret the family never revealed, and won’t anytime soon.

The sign initially acknowledged one “grouch” in the city of Whitesburg. Another was added around 1993.

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6Rennie, MB (Canada)

“Welcome to Rennie
home of something…
or somebody famous…
someday… maybe”


7Hico, Texas

If this sign welcoming you to Hico (pronounced HIGH-co, population 1379), Texas, don’t make you feel important, I don’t know what will.


8Delmar, Maryland

The town of Delmar (population 3,000) sits on the Delaware-Maryland state line.


9Gretna, Virginia

Old welcome sign at Gretna, Virginia.


10Tisdale, Saskatchewan (Canada)

The small Saskatchewan town of Tisdale is taking another look at the slogan it has used for 60 years — “Land of Rape and Honey.” The community of about 3,200 people is asking residents via a survey whether that brand still works in 2015.

Rape refers to rapeseed, which has a number of varieties, including canola. However, seeing the word on the Welcome to Tisdale sign has upset some people, who point out that, fair or not, it evokes sexual assault.

The Tisdale survey does not deal with that aspect of the controversy, but notes that today, organic rapeseed accounts for less than one per cent of the crops grown in the region.


11Gravity, Iowa

The Taylor County town of Gravity claims one of the state’s most popular slogans: “We’re down to earth. If Gravity goes, we all go.”


12Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Meanwhile in Canada…


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