12 Totally Bizarre Fashion Items You’ll Love

1Wicked Pixelated Nude Swimsuit

The designer mastermind behind the Pixel Swimsuit remains unknown, and while this swimsuit is just a prototype, it has been turning heads online (and at the beach). The comical beach wear is meant to look like a woman with censored parts, or, what p0rn looks like with a dial-up Internet connection. Either way, this swimsuit made us say WHOA! for its blatantly comical nature, and because we are really hoping to see someone wearing one of these at the beach soon.


2Chihuahua Head Pin

Maybe you’re a person who knows better than to get a dog because you know you won’t take care of it, leaving it to just shit all over your apartment so your roommate either has to live in pee-pee & doo-doo filth or pick up after it. Orrrr, maybe your mom won’t let you get a dog because of her completely fabricated allergies. Ugh, she never lets me do ANYTHING. Well you can fake it with a crocheted Chihuahua’s Head accessory made by Etsy seller LotsOfLoops. The little K9 dome can be pinned onto your handbag or back pack (or anywhere really, the possibilities are endless!). Now you too can be a sexy socialite toting around a pipsqueak of a dog.


3Louis Vuitton Condoms

Georgia Republic architect, Irakli Kiziria, has designed a Louis Vuitton condom, enveloped in the label’s notorious brown packaging and adorned with, what looks like, raised lettering (for enhanced pleasure?). The luxury rubbers are priced at $68 each, according to the “official” website. To put the price in perspective, $68 could buy you about six 12-packs of regular condoms.


4Edible Fruit Purses

This incredible raspberry purse was designed, created, and photographed by Fulvio Bonavia, and included in an amazing collection of fashion food in his book “A Matter of Taste.”


5Sexy Hulk Pjs

I would totally love to feel like Hulk for a night.


6Bikini Bottle Opener

Bottle Betty is a new line of patent pending swimwear with an attached bottle opener. It’s crazy, I know, one would expect that a bikini with an attached bottle opener to be tacky looking. Bottle Betty swimsuits appear stylish, at least from their web site photos. But, it brings me to my original, head-scratching question, “Why?” This really must be a guy thing.

All I can say is that if you are too lazy to walk to the nearest poolside bottle opener, and really need to open that many bottles of beer, you can rest assured you won’t be in tiptop bikini shape for very long.


7Urinal Dress

Would you wear a potty? Probably not, but while you may be hesitant to wear this urinal dress to your next big shindig, some people are less reluctant. The website, Not Just a Label, sold several of this Rodnick Band’s unique ensemble, based on Duchamp’s Fountain. The look doesn’t come cheap – each dress sells for $2,602.


8Brain Necklace

Etsy seller CosmicFirefly is selling this weird looking Zombie Brain Locket Necklace .


9Feather Eyelashes

From Swarovski crystals to real mink fur, it seems as if false eyelashes have gone couture over the past decade. And now that feather hair extensions are officially a trend of the past, what do we do with our stockpile? Wear them on our eyes, of course!


10Atari Joystick Belt

Is that an Atari belt buckle or are you just happy to see me? If you’re not completely comfortable with the idea of having a stick jutting out from your waist, you can also pick up an SNES or Genesis buckle. Unfortunately, the latter is made with the controller and not the system.


11Boob Scarf

Looking to be the center of attention? Try wearing one of these boob scarves, and you’ll be sure to turn heads. This creation just adds to the list of unique inventions that come from Asia. Not only do these scarves keep your neck warm, you also get a hassle-free breast augmentation in seconds!


12Animal Rings

Weird and deadly animal rings designed by Haoshi Design.


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