12 Strangest Knives

1Key Shaped Pocket Knife

You have to hold one of these in your hand. Barely larger than an ordinary key, this German made pocket knife will easily slip on your key chain.


2The Knife Pistol

Practical? Nope. Badass? Absolutely. How much armed can you get when you have a knife with a pistol?


3Bloody Evidence Chef's Knife

This chef’s knife is so awesome it’s criminal! Behold the Evidence Chef’s Knife, complete with fired-on, food-safe “blood” design and evidence tag! At just $14.95, it’s a steal (though we definitely don’t recommend that you use it to commit any crime).


4Pointless Knife

A kitchen knife that cannot be used as a weapon has reached the market. And it’s not entirely pointless. Instead the knife has a rounded edge directly above the sharp point, meaning it can be used for cooking purposes – but not stabbing. The utensil is the invention of industrial designer John Cornock, who was inspired to create the product after watching a documentary on knife crime.


5Shotgun Cartridge Knife

This novelty pocket knife makes a great gift for any outdoor sportsman. Shaped like a shotgun cartridge it has a 1.5 inch stainless steel blade and a closed length of 2.5 inches.


6World's Most Expensive Knife (adorned with emeralds and diamonds)

In Kill Bill, Uma Thurman travelled up to the so called land of the orient in order to get the best steel in the world. I dont know if the one we are going to talk about is the best or not but it is certainly the world’s most expensive knife! Called ‘The Gem of The Orient’, the knife sold for a whopping $2.1 Million. And why not? After all, it is made to perfection by Buster Warenski, one of the most well-known and prestigious knifemakers our times have produced. The knife is like a piece of art having a handle inlaid with precious stone.

In total, it has 153 emeralds (10 carats) and nine diamonds (5 carats). The weight of the gold in the knife is 28 ounces. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that it took him a hard work of ten years to produce such knife.

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7Shark Knife

What in the hell is that? I mean, besides the most dangerous looking shark-inspired edged weapon ever seen? It’s the ultimate weapon for that jumping-the-shark moment, when you just can’t control The Rage.


8Scorpion Wrist Knife

If you happen to see a guy or gal wearing a wrist knife like this and approaching you on a darkly lit street, you’re gonna run like hell. I think it’s safe to say that this thing could probably gut you real fast. What could be scarier than this? The price. At under $40, any psycho stalker, or goth D & D misfit can afford one and take to the street. See, this kind of thing here is why we need Batman to be real. It’s just crazy. You can also get one in dragon or skull form.

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9Giant Swiss Army Knife

Even the Swiss are going crazy! Usually, a swiss army knife can be described by one short phrase: minimalistic and practical. This means that you get a bunch of useful functions out of a small and simple to use device. Well, now, the ‘small’ part seems to be totally out. How about 9 whole inches of width? Of course, there’s an awful lot of functions in there (85 fully functional implements), but none of the tools is now practical, simply due to the ginormous size of this. Hell, there’s even a tire pressure gauge in it!


10Lipstick Knife

This Lipstick knife easily blends in with other make-up, fooling everyone but you. This compact and convenient lipstick knife features a small 1 1/4 inch stainless steel blade, just turn the base and the blade extends ready for use. This elegant little knife has a glossy deep blue finished handle and matching cap with an elegantly polished gold toned guard. This discrete and practical accessory has an overall length of 3 inches and is the perfect compliment for any purse.


11Impala Knife

This unique Art Deco linerlock folder features a deep releif carved Rados Ladder pattern Impala head with 14 kt. gold horns that introduces the rear of the handle to the rest of the knife in a very gracefull and flowing fashion. Really cool knife.


12Sapphire Knife

Russian guys makes knives made of sapphire. These knives can be easily taken inside the airplane in your handbag, for example if you care about your right to use your knife anywhere you want. These knives cannot be discovered by any sort of metal-detector, they have none metal parts at all. Their blades are being made from artificial sapphire, the same material that is being used to make non-scratchable watches by leading Swiss brands. Handles are made of the bone. Only diamonds exceed it in the hardness, so anybody can easily make his name carved on the airplanes bull’s-eye airplane window. It scratches glass without any difficulty and can be sharpened only with special diamond whetstone.


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