12 Geek Fashion Accessories

Geek and proud of it? Then meet these cool geek fashion accessories that show how geeks can be stylish too.

1Twitter Stocking

There is this stereotypical image of geeky women as being boring, reclusive, career oriented types but this is just a myth, in reality, they do multitask, head for parties on weekends and they do splurge a lot on exclusive signature styles. The geeky chics who are always on social networking sites will simply love to sport these FOLLOW ME Twitter Tattoo Stockings for weekend outing or party. These thigh high white socks seem to be inspired by the most popular social networking site Twitter, the twitter birdie and the words ‘follow me’ printed on the stockings are so deceptive that they almost seem to be tattooed on the long legs. These stockings will surely draw a lot of attention and people will ‘follow’ more out of curiosity.


2Projector Ring

This cool geeky ring was created by Luke Jerram and jeweler Tamrakar for Jerram’s wedding to Shelina Nanji. Inside the ring there are tiny photographic portraits of the couple. When you shine a light through the ring, it projects the images out like a tiny projector. The ring was made by hacking apart a disposable camera to get the lens.


3Tetris Bracelet

This Tetris Bracelet is a great geeky accessory to add to your collection. It can be teamed up with any casual outfit to look trendy yet geeky. It costs $70 and it’s a little pricey for a bracelet. It says ‘Game Over’, but with Tetris you keep wanting more.


4Keyboard Cufflinks

These cufflinks are one of those accessories that are definitely subtle enough to be considered fashionable— who really stares at cufflinks? From insert/delete buttons to @ keys to escape, these silver links are sure to add a touch of chic to any geek.


5Lego Purse

This Lego Pouch really fits well within the realm of acceptable geeky accessories. On this sweet little purse (mighty useful when you don’t want to take a whole bag), the building blocks manage to look cool and mod rather than like a kids’ toy.


6VideoGame Shoes

You can add another nerdy accessory to your wardrobe with these shoes that have custom painted video game scenes on it. Most of the shoes are about old school games like Tetris, Pacman, Mario and Zelda. But if none of these styles catch your fancy, you can even have a pair made with your own video game design. You can order a pair of these custom geeky shoes at SceeneShoes Shop at Etsy.


7Pi Necklace

The Pi Necklace has all the digits of the nerd numbers out to 100 decimal places (yes, someone counted them!) Show your geek pride with numbers. Made by RGB Laboratory.


88-Bit Watch

This Icon Watch is a simple, clean design that celebrates the days of 8-bit graphics. While the watch was designed by Japanese design firm & design back in 2005, it only recently became available for purchase at MOMA. They only sell the black and white version, but a white-on-white version is also in production.


9PowerBook Earrings

How about some cool DIY earrings? These recycled PowerBook earrings fall somewhere in between solving all of our e-waste problems and showing that recycling can be geek chic.


10Pac-Man Necklace

If geeky yet fabulous jewelery is your thing, look no further. Check out this necklace / pendant by Rachel Pfeffer that’s very unique. The design features a dangling Pac-Man munching on some hanging pearls. Who would’ve thought Pac-Man can devour pearls too? This piece of jewelery is very adorable and no Pac-Man fan will want to overlook it. Have Pac-Man munch away on pearls around your neck.


11Circuit Board Business Card Holder

Trying to stand out to potential clients? Next time you give them your contact information, whip out your Circuit Board business card holder ($24.99), and you’re sure to make a lasting impression.


12My Document Laptop Sleeve

What could be more geeky than this My Document Laptop Sleeve, styled like a My Documents folder? The My Document Laptop Sleeve is made from Neoprene, and measures 38cm (L) 32.5cm (W) and 2.5cm (D) and it even has its own pixilated cursor on the front. This geeky accessory can take laptops up to 15.4 inches, and surprisingly it is Mac and Linux compatible.


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