12 Creative Cutting Boards

1iPhone Cutting Board

iPhone cutting board is an application for breakfast, if you never managed to get the iPhone you want, or just plain love the iPhone, this is a cutting board that should look like the iPhone. Actually, at this size, more like an iPad. iPhone Cutting Board pleasant and attractive design, this product can be a great acquisition for the truly addicted. The iPhone-wannabe gadget features unusual settings, such as applications, only this time there is no Safari, Calendar or camera icons that were involved, but typical kitchen items such as sausage, eggs, coffee and so forth are used.


2Texas Cutting Board

It’s best not to mess with Texas. But you can use Texas to prevent a mess with the stateliest cutting boards in the Union. From Connecticut to California and everything in between, WoodBob has you slicing in style.


3 ReVital Cutting Board

Weird cutting board design by Antje Gerwien, from the University of Weimar, created for a company named ReVital.


4Husband Chopping Block Cutting Board

Kikkerland has named this anatomy textbook-inspired cutting board the Husband Chopping Board ($15.99), which may make some hubbies a little nervous.


5 Picnic Time Touchdown Cutting Board

Perfect for game day, this Touchdown! cutting board from Picnic Time ($22.95) features bamboo construction with a football silhouette. This handsome board has a dark bamboo design with light bamboo inlays that create the ‘football effect’.


6 Guitar Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board

Strum to the tune of some new recipes with this bamboo cutting board.


7 Puzzle Cutting Board

Bamboo Puzzle Serving Tray and Bamboo Cutting Board ($38.95) by Eco Bay Home are the ideal Kitchen companions for any party where you want to impress your guests. Each of the six puzzle pieces can be used as a food serving tray.


8Roulette Cheese Cutting Board

Serve your favorite cheese on this marble and silver plated roulette cheese cutting board. ($66.56)


9Nordurmyrin Cutting Board

Nordurmyrin is a meat cutting- and serving board designed by 7-9-13 Design Group.

It draws its name from a neighborhood in the old east of Reykjavik. Its street names are named after renowned characters in the Old Icelandic sagas. When meat is cut on the board the blood juices rush down the streets. It refers to the conflicts that arose in the societies of the second and third generations of Icelandic settlers.


10Pinzon Santoku Knives and Bamboo Cutting Board

Pinzon’s santoku and cutting board set ($34.99) offers quality performance and sleek construction.


11Corner Cutting Board by Peter Meier

This large oval cutting board is an interesting idea for small spaces – a cutting board that gives you more space instead of less.


12Fred and Friends OCD Cutting Board

Fred and friends OCD cutting board. ($25)


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