12 Chopsticks That Won’t Leave You Asleep At the Table

1Chopstick Glasses

If you need to wear glasses, but often forget your chopsticks, designer Brad Gressel’s chopstick glasses will ensure you always have eating utensils on hand, or should I say on head? Be sure to wash these before and after you use them for food as you don’t want sticky glasses or dirty chopsticks.


2Sauce Dispensers

If you like sauces on all of your meals, you can finally bring your own without having to lug around giant bottles of flavorings. Just squeeze the tip right before you take a bit and you can ensure every piece of sushi is equally adorned with soy sauce.



Sometimes you need a knife and fork, but sometimes chopsticks are better. These brilliant forkchops might not look all that chic, but they can be a lifesaver when switching between a Kobe beef steak and scallop rolls.


4Collapsible Chopsticks

For the chopstick lover on the go, these collapsible chopsticks can be easily stored in a purse, wallet or pocket and assembled whenever you’re ready to slurp some soba on your way to an important board meeting.


5The Chopstick Bra

Ladies who want to hold on to their collapsible chopsticks could carry them in their purse, but why do that when it’s so much more stylish to store your chopsticks in your cleavage with this handy, delicious food-themed lingerie.


6Recycled Baseball Bats

If anyone loves baseball more than Americans, it’s the Japanese and now you can support your favorite Nippon team with these sporty chopsticks that were actually made from broken bats used during play. Each pair features the color and logo of a different team so you can collect them all or stockpile your favorite team’s utensils.


7Samurai Swords

If you prefer classic Japanese culture over their more westernized modern culture, then these samurai chopsticks are sure to put you back in your Edo-period happy place.



When you prefer samurai stories that take place in a galaxy far, far away though, you’d better upgrade to these delightfully nerdy lightsaber chopsticks. With your choice of colors, you can opt to fight for the dark side or the right side on a whim.



If you’d prefer to “make cookies, not war,” than pass on the sword chopsticks and instead try these awesome Pocky chopsticks.



These cheater chopsticks are a great option for people who don’t know how to use chopsticks. They also can double as real clothes pins, making them the only eating utensil that can be used to eat limburger cheese while keeping out its horrendous stench.


11Zoo Animals

Teaching kids to use chopsticks can be maddening, but these adorable cheater chopsticks require no experience, minimal instructions and the grooves on the bottom guarantee that even the oiliest noodles are still a breeze to pick up.



The chimpsticks have the advantages of the zoo animal chopsticks, but as your chopstickly inclined students advance in the ways of Eastern dining, the monkey can be removed, allowing for complete chopstick freedom.


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