12 Amazing Things Made With Cardboard Tubes

1Office Design

The tubes create a wonderful cave-like design, allowing the office visitor to experience a feeling of being connected with the environment. It’s stylish and eco-friendly.



A group of architecture students from the University of New South Wales constructed a temporary pavilion out of recycled cardboard tubes in front of the Sydney Customs House. The pavilion was one of several temporary structures constructed by architecture student groups from Australian universities as part of the CH4 Student Design Competition during the Sydney Architecture Festival. UNSW’s Built Environment team was given 2,000 tubes from a company that manufacturers carpet. The goal for the competition was to make use of recycled materials and educate festival visitors on sustainability.



A temporary bridge incorporating 281 cardboard tubes has been erected over a river in Southern France. Weighing 7.5 tonnes, it can hold up to 20 people at a time. It is just half a mile from the Pont du Gard, an old Roman stone bridge, and was designed by Shigeru Ban, a Japanese architect known for his both grandiose and humble paper constructions, as you can see in the gallery.


4Pen Holder

Here is a great way to sort pens and other writing implements in the family craft area while recycling plentiful cardboard tubes.


5 Chairs and Table

Hundreds of waste tubes were used to construct striking pieces of furniture. Although they may not be that comfortable, they certainly provide a talking point for the room.


6 Shigeru Ban's Paper Tube School

The most chilling images of the Wenchuan quake in central China’s Sichuan province were the thousands of schools that flattened like pancakes, crushing scores of children. One of the more elegant and poignant design projects, led by prominent Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and a team of Chinese and Japanese students, erected temporary but resilient schools constructed from plywood and recycled cardboard tubes.



Tying tiles and cardboard tubes like a “popcorn string” provides stability and comfort.



Design and build a fantastic lamp shade. For instance, this one conceals those fluorescent lights from view, which is a great idea.



Cardboard tubing makes a cheap and stylish wall, too.



Designed as a meeting point, as well as a show-stopping bar at the center of DesignEx, the Cardboard Bar served as a dramatic centerpiece and was constructed in less than one day. The untested concept design, with a structure made from raw cardboard tubes, demonstrated that good design and eco-friendly materials could coexist. The structure, bar, light fittings, signage and furniture were all made from a combination of cardboard, chipboard and Masonite, encouraging visitors to consider alternative materials for their projects.



Simple, strong and effective shelf unit from a number of cardboard tubes.



French painter and collage artist Anastassia Elias creates tiny scenes with paper inside cardboard toilet paper tubes. Anastassia uses paper the same color as the cardboard tubes to build up the intricate pictures of people, which gives the illusion that the scene taking place inside the walls are actually part of the roll itself. The models, which sell for £90 each, come alive when light is shined through the roll from one end. The details and depth of each piece is impressive.


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