11 Weird Wedding Bouquets

1Holiday Bulb Bouquet

Holiday bulbs are easy to come by any time of the year. You can even make this stunning bouquet yourself—check out this easy to follow Etsy tutorial.

2Brooch Bouquet

Wedding bling at its best! Choose from your favorite pieces for an unforgettable heirloom. You can even make it yourself—follow the instructions here.

3Candy Bouquets

These may not last forever, but they sure are different—and delicious!


4Metal Bouquet

A golden metal bouquet with amber colored crystals is perfect for any steampunk nuptials. Made by Refinerii Bridal Boutique.


5Leather Bouquet

This intricate, original bouquet is made with “leather, lace, satin, silver beads, pearls, pewter beads, crystal beads, rhinestones, silver wire, ribbon, handmade flowers, and leather flowers” and can be found at DyJoDesigns.


6Burlap Bouquet

Burlap on its own is really nothing special, but the folks at DyJoDesigns give it new life with the beautiful bouquet.


7Paper Bouquet

This dainty bouquet by BellaLunasFlowers can be made from any book or even sheet music.


8Pine Cone Bouquet

Rustic is all the rage these days, so why not try a pine cone bouquet? This one is made by MomoRadRose.


9Button Bouquet

Self-described as “The UK’s Leading Button Bouquet Company,” IHeartButtons creates these whimsical “floral” arrangements by hand. They are truly one of a kind!


10Felt Bouquet

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something.. felt? DIY with instructions from SomethingTurquoise.


11Yarn Bouquet

A cheap, easy and unique way to go courtesy of OffbeatBride.


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