11 More Fascinating Albino Animals

1Albino Koala

Meet the only albino koala in activity. This adorable resident of the San Diego Zoo was named Onya-Birri, which means “ghost boy” in an Australian Aboriginal language.


2Half Albino Snake

This half abino snake is known as a piebald ball python.


3Albino Hedgehog

An albino hedgehog has become an internet star after its Japanese owner posted these adorable pictures of her pet online.

Hedgehogs normally have to trek several miles throughout the night in order to rack down their food and also hibernate during the winter months to survive the frigid temperatures. But under owner Tokiko Kojima’s roof, this captivating critter has tossed hibernation aside and has instead opted to lounge around and feast on milk and ham year-round.


4Albino Giant Snail

In 2011, this rare carnivorous albino Powelliphanta, otherwise known as a giant snail, was photographed in New Zealand. It’s been estimated the snail was at least 10 years old.

Indigenous to New Zealand, the snails are an endangered species whose favorite prey is earthworms and slugs.


5Albino Loggerhead Turtle

This albino turtle named Alba lives at Marineland in Antibes in the south of France. She is just one of a hand-full of albino loggerhead turtles living in captivity and was caught on camera by a 17-year-old student, Cassandra Martin.


6Albino Gorilla

The world’s only known albino gorilla looked the way he did because of inbreeding, a new study has claimed.

A vial of frozen blood taken from Snowflake the gorilla – who lived at Barcelona Zoo for 40 years until his death in 2003 from skin cancer – shows he inherited the gene from his parents.

After tracing this gene, Spanish scientists discovered his parents were closely related – sharing 12 percent of their DNA – which suggests they were uncle and niece.


7Albino Zebra

Have you ever seen a Golden Zebra? The term refers alternately either to an albino zebra, an amelanistic zebra, or as a type of zebroid known as a Zorse, all of which have been called golden zebras by various people.

There’s really no difference between an albino and an amelanistic zebra. When someone refers to an amelanistic animal they are usually referring to the same thing that someone referring to an albino animal is: an animal without the ability to produce the pigments that are commonly seen in the other individuals of the species.


8Albino Spider

This photo of an albino spider creating a nest for her eggs was taken in 2013 by Jeremy Mendoza for National Geographic.


9Albino Vulture

This albino Black Vulture, a male named “Oxy,” resides at the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri. There’s only one other albino Black Vulture known in existence.


10Albino Bottlenose Dolphin

Pinky is a little bottlenose dolphin calf that is totally, absolutely, shockingly pink! It was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, Lake Calcasieu, and has become such an attraction that conservationists have warned tourists to leave it alone. Pinky’s color come from the fact that it is an albino, as it is well-demonstrated by its reddish eyes.


11Albino Peacock

Within the plumage of a peacock lies a complex architecture that’s continuously changing color. Or so it seems. Though the colors of a peacock are revered, it is just as stunning–if not more so–without them. Albino peacocks are technically white peacocks, which are a genetic variant of the Indian Blue Peafowl.


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