10 Weirdly Fascinating Gifts for Any Occasion

Shopping for gifts can be frustrating, especially when doing so for a picky person. You go through the shelves of your favorite stores, online galleries, and still nothing. Getting to the end of the rope and giving up can come quite easy, especially as the occasion draws near. What should you get that friend with a quirky side? How about a gold rose? That could be a show of how strong your friendship is and how beautiful it continues to be. Or you could opt to be quirky and gift them something they will never forget. Below are some ideas.

Inflatable Cat

How funny is that? One minute you think you’re looking at Garfield’s replica and the next, the cat lays lifeless on the ground, devoid of air. This gift is ideal for pet lovers who cannot seem to keep up with the feeding and grooming routines.

Thumb Sweatbands

Do you have a friend who is always going on about how you won because of an unfair advantage? It could be that your gaming pad was better. Or their hands felt sweaty. There is always something that gave you the upper hand. Well, how about some sweatbands for their thumbs? The next time you win, they cannot bring up a story as to how their hands slipped off the pad at the opportune time.

Dynamite Alarm Clock

There are two kinds of alarm clocks. There is the one that coaxes you to wake up by playing melodious tunes in intervals. Then there is the dynamite alarm that shrieks at you while displaying a myriad of colors. The confusion that ensues is sure to wake you within minutes. Get this for that sleepy head in the group.

 Dry Brew Coffee

How convenient is that? Do you have a friend who always seems to have a mug on the one hand with steaming coffee? That friend who would stand in line for minutes for that sweet brew any day any time. If you have already zeroed in on one of your pals, this is an excellent gift for them. It may seem quirky, but they will love it as they can get that sweet caffeine hit whenever they want.

 Moody Wine Glass

No, the glass does not cuss you out, but rather, it indicates how much you should drink. A good day calls for a few sips while those ‘don’t ask’ days require a full glass. Hand this to that friend who enjoys a good bottle of wine after a stressful day. 

Shoe Ponchos

Does this look like a gag? Well, it is not. It turns out that some people love their kicks so much that the thought of spills, raindrops, or other substances touching their shoes fills them with dread. This gift would work best for that shoe lover in the group.


We all have that one friend who cannot seem to hold in farts. Every once in a while, an unsettling odor will fill the room. And nobody bothers to ask who did it because they already know. This book would be an excellent gag for that friend. Not only would they learn more about their digestive system, but they would also find joy in farts.

Phone Jail

Does your friend seem pre-occupied each time you are in a group? You know that friend who is always replying to texts, checking what’s new on the gram, and looking for funny cat videos. Yes, that one. This jail is the ideal gift as it enables them to put away their gadgets under lock and key. They can finally be present in the moment.

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

For most foodies, this is a dream come true. Taking the best of two worlds and making it one delicious and unforgettable meal/ snack. Get this for your food-loving pal and await the adoration that follows.

Money Gun

If your pal loves money as much as Mr. Crabs did, they will love this gun. After all, it shoots out money. If only they could use this currency to do things in the real world. Well, in the meantime, they can make it rain wherever they go.

These gifts will cost you little and are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Good Luck!

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