10 Weirdest Pieces of Underwear

From pushup bras for men to Disney Princess lingerie for grownups, her are ten of the wackiest undergarments around.

1Disney Princess Lingerie

Because the little girls who loved Disney princesses have all grown up, Japanese retailer Bellemaison has created official Disney Princess underwear. My biggest complaints, however, are as follows: NO Ariel, NO Pocahontas, NO MULAN, and NO JAZMINE, but if you are a fan of Bell, Cinderella, Aurora, or Rapunzel, you can have a set for around $38.


2Butt Reveal Underwear

This bizarre, but hilarious new fashion accessory from Tokyo is perfect for parties or dares. Slip on these Shiridashi Butt Reveal Underwear and you will appear to be wearing something very risque indeed, though it’s actually only the design. However, at first glance, it looks like your underwear has been ripped at the back to show off your buttocks to the world.


3The True Love Bra

Ravijou, a Japanese lingerie brand, brings us the True Love Tester. According to the product description, it’s “the world’s first bra which can only be unhooked by true love!”

The lingerie company developed the bra as part of a campaign to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Featuring embedded sensors and a high-tech clasp, the True Love Tester bra connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Sensors monitor heart rate and the app analyzes the received data to figure out if the woman is in the grip of true love.

The designers point out that the type of excitement a woman feels when she’s in love is distinguishable from other types of excitement, sparing the wearer from her bra dropping off at the sight of her favorite snack.


4Pushup Bra for Men

It isn’t easy to achieve the body of a Greek god. Thanks to the Funkybod Muscle Top, aspiring muscle men needn’t toil away at the gym any longer to attain a ripped physique.

The form-fitting shirt has built-in pads to enhance the wearer’s biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles. But the makers also found that the shirt’s bra-like inserts worked wonders for men with “man boob” problems, colloquially recognized as “moobs.”

The shirt, which costs about $48, is available in black, white and grey.


5Gas Mask Bra

After the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, Dr. Elena Bodnar set out to create an emergency gas mask. In 2009 she won the Ig Nobel Public Health Prize for her work. The ingenious invention? The RAD Emergency Bra (or ebra), is an over the shoulder boulder holder that’s equipped with a radiation sensor. Each separate bra cup acts as a face mask.


6Fart Filtering Underwear

This underwear by British company Shreddies is designed to stop farts from smelling. The flatulence-filtering pants have a back panel made from cloth that incorporates a carbon-based material called Zorflex, normally used in chemical warfare suits and is capable of stopping smells 200 times stronger than the average fart.

The odor vapors are trapped and neutralized by the carbon, which can be reactivated simply by washing it. Unfortunately it does nothing to muffle sound.

The underwear was invented in 2006 by Paul O’Leary and developed with a team of designers from the Contour Fashion lingerie design course at De Montfort University in Leicester.


7Overeating Detector Bra

As if bras weren’t annoying enough, now there’s a bra that will nag you when you’re stress-eating.

That’s right, Microsoft Research has invented a seemingly magical bra that can monitor moods and help regulate stress-eating. The battery-powered bra is equipped with sensor pads that stream data to a smartphone app, but questions remain– does it come with push-up pads? Does the bra add a cup size while stopping you from eating a cookie just because?

One of the researchers said that she tried to invent the same type of stress-busting device for men’s underwear, but it wouldn’t work because it was too far away from the heart.


8Tweeting Bra

Behold the Tweeting Bra, a bra that sends a Tweet each time it’s unclasped. It’s designed by OgilvyOne Athens who created it for a campaign by Netsle Fitness in the hope that it will promote breast cancer awareness. However, I imagine it’s really only successful in promoting pervy dudes to pay closer attention to your Twitter feed to see when you’re going braless.


9Autocleaning Underwear

Chilean company Monarch has developed new underwear that’s made out of copper. If that sounds uncomfortable, don’t worry–it’s not. Turns out copper can kill 99% of the bacteria and fungi that “naturally” develops down there.

Copper has a sterilizing effect that cleans. The underwear is made by merging copper with polyamide to produce an oil that’s turned into wire. The wire is then woven inside your tightie-whities so that the copper stays in contact with your skin, killing fungus and resisting odor.

It’s a nice option for those who think that soap and water don’t do the trick.


10Pokemon Panties

People handmake pretty much everything these days. These Pokemon themed underwear are being sold over at Etsy by seller Makers Way, who offers Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu and Bulbasaur varieties. What, no Jigglypuff? That’s too bad.


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