10 Weirdest Earmuffs

1Princess Leia Earmuffs

If you want to look like a Star Wars princess this winter, don’t spend hours on your hair. Just get these handy Princess Leia Earmuffs and you will instantly be Princess Leia of Alderaan. Now you are ready to hide the Death Star plans inside of an R2 unit and go on an intergalactic adventure no matter the weather.


2Cabbage Patch Earmuffs

Check out these great earmuffs – these two little cabbage patch heads will keep those ears toasty in these chilly months!


3Boob Muffs

These “Booby” earmuffs will keep your ears warm and perky all winter long, but what if it’s not winter? Well, they’ll just keep your ears perky, and that’s good enough for of us. The best thing about these earmuffs is they keep your ears insulated and warm with soft black interior padding. They may be bizarre, but functional they are!


4Katamari Damancy Earmuffs

Nikol Lohr wrote up a cool knitting pattern for these Katamari Damancy Queen of All Cosmos earmuffs. The Katamari earmuff idea originally came from Laurenn McCubbin, which Nikol developed into a knitting pattern.

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5French Fry Earmuffs

Who would have thought that wearing greasy fast food fashions could look so good? Well, they may not look good to everyone, but they certainly look good enough to eat!


6Ear Caps

At first glance, one may think that these “Hipstormossan” ear caps are beanies made for a doll, but actually, they’re ultra-cool mini caps made to be worn over your ears. These are the hippest pair of earmuffs you’ll ever own – not only will they look fashionable dressing the tops of your ears, but they will also keep you from getting hat-head, and protect you from frostbite in the process.


7Fake Hair Earmuffs

Have you been longing for slip-on earmuffs with a fall of fake hair to blend in with your own, thus rendering the earmuffs invisible? Well, Kathy Lancaster must have read your mind – she came up with the idea of sewing long hair to a bandless earmuff. The concept was the inspiration to invent a fashionable yet useful women’s earmuff.

Kapelli (meaning “hair” in Italian) comes in different shades of blonde, brunette, auburn and black. With its unique design, the Kapelli “hidden” earmuffs will keep your ears completely warm on even the coldest nights!


8Monster Face Earmuffs

What? Say it again, louder! I can’t hear you over these monsters growling in my ears! When they aren’t growling they are making chewing noises. Put a monster face on each ear with these monster earmuffs.


9Haute Couture Horn Earmuffs

Miss G Designs is a headpiece design company based in Los Angeles. Caley Johnson is the sole designer of her one-of-a-kind creations. She makes every piece by hand herself. This is her Vegan Faux Horn Headdress that could double as a hell of an awesome earmuff.


10Bunny Earmuffs

The Corniglio hat is a combination MP3 player, set of headphones, pair of earmuffs and a cap for furry sexual encounters.

Designed by Tal Drori, the Coniglio plays music when the ears are down, indicating that the wearer is introspective or cold. When they are raised, though, they indicate to others that the wearer is attentive, alert and available to communicate.


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