10 Weird Products Made Specifically For Breasts

Babies aren’t the only ones who love breasts, which is why there are so many products out there designed to make them bigger, firmer and less wrinkled. Here are some of the strangest breast products on the market.

1Electro-Shock Breast Massager

It’s shocking how far some people will go to get bigger breasts -in this case, literally.

The Sunmas Breast Massager uses TENS pain-relief technology in a completely unproven manner to “stimulate female hormone and pregnant hormone on the breast. Wake up breast-grow, promote adolescaria breast rear, recover the prolapse and deformation caused by suckle.” They also claim their device can help prevent breast lumps. With a device that promises to do all that, it’s a miracle there isn’t one of these in every home in America.


2Artificial Stick-On Nipples

For most women, it can be difficult to maintain that perfectly erect nipple look 24/7, especially if you aren’t cold or aroused your entire life. Fortunately, these stick-on nipples will always be hard no matter how warm it is outside and how disinterested you are.

The stick-on nipples look unbelievably real and even come in five sizes and four colors so everyone can get those dream nipples they have always wanted.


3Nipple Bleach

Are your nipples just too dark? Well, apparently some people worry their nipples are because they are all too eager to use this Canae nipple lightening solution to get that perfect shade of light pink nipples.


4Boob Glue

Make the most of your cleavage with this Bosom Couture Gravity Defying Adhesive that lets you hold those puppies in place and keep your shirt secure so all that glorious cleavage won’t end up popping out of your top.


5Boob Towels

Ladies in warmer climates with larger breasts know that the struggle with boob sweat is very, very real. Fortunately, the Tata Towel is the perfect design to comfortably cradle your tatas and absorb all that nasty sweat in a hands-free way.


6Boob Deodorant

Again with the sweaty boob problem. You can’t leave the house with just a Tata Towel, so what are you to do? Grab some boob deodorant, of course. This Fresh Breast cream applies as a liquid and then dries into an anti-chaffing, moisture-wicking powder.


7Boob Separator Pillows

Hate it when you lay on your side, and your boobs touch together? Well don’t worry, the Kush Support is here to help lift and separate your breasts so they never uncomfortably touch each another again. Supposedly it even helps prevent those dreaded breast wrinkles and improve your sleep.


8Boob Hole Pillow

The Decansa Breast Comfort Pillow offers many of the same benefits as the Kush pillow, only for those who wish to sleep on their stomach. Just plop your B-D cup breasts into the holes and enjoy that soft memory foam support.


9Chest Masks

The same way a facial mask is designed to moisturize, firm, balance skin tone and smooth your face, a chest mask is supposed to do the same -only it also is supposed to enhance your bust size. The mask not only includes collagen, but also gold, so you know it’s fancy.


10Boob Oil

While most boob massage oils make bogus claims about enlarging breast size, this boobs’ essential is at least designed solely for the pleasure of massaging breasts in a relaxing manner that will also help you search for lumps.



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