10 Weird Guinness World Records

In theory, we’re all the best at something. Maybe it’s flossing, coming to a complete stop at stop signs or flipping pancakes. There’s only one official body for determining who’s the undisputed best at obscure achievements. Guinness World Records travels the globe to test people and determine if they’re the undisputed champion of… whatever. Think you have what it takes to be the GOAT of your weird thing? You can apply online for an evaluation. In the meantime, check out these weird world records to inspire you.  


Fastest 100m with a can balanced on head by a dog. Guinness should also record Sweet Pea, the dog in question, as a certified Good Dog. She ran the 100m in 2 minutes and 55 seconds back in 2008 for her owner, Alex Rothaker.  (x)

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash

Most words in a hit single. Guinness keeps track of all kinds of celebrity records, like the most Twitter followers, the highest grossing stars, and also the most words in a hit single. Should come as no surprise that Eminem is the record holder. “Rap God” fills it’s six minutes with 1,560 words. (x)

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Longest nose on a living person. This real life Pinnochio also lives in Italy, where officials measured his 3.46 inch nose. No word on if Mehmet Özyürek’s nose grows every time he tells a lie. (x)

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Loudest purring cat. Merlin, an adorable black and white cat in Devon set the record by a whisker, by purring at 67.8 decibels. The previous record was from 2011 when Smokey purred at a whopping 67.68. These cats are as loud as a dishwasher or air conditioning unit.  (x)

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

Most expensive fungus. The fervor over truffles in upscale eateries doesn’t seem like it will abate any time soon. The rarest white truffle is the Tuber magnatum pico and it’s also the most expensive. It only grows in one region of Italy, about a foot underground so truffle hunters need dogs with special training to find it. Depending on the season, a pound of the truffles is worth over $1,300.  (x)

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Most people lifted and thrown in 2 minutes. This seems like a productive way to let out some pent up aggression. Back in 2008 in Spain, Aneta Florczyk lifted and then threw 12 people. Unfortunately, Guinness doesn’t get into the why of these records.  (x)

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Longest dog tongue. Rescue St. Bernard Mochi lives in South Dakota and also deserves an award for cuteness, but she’s officially the dog with the longest tongue in the world. It measures 7.3 inches, and she uses it for eating peanut butter, which she loves.  (x)

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Most spacewalks by a female. This one isn’t weird, but just a cool woman that you should know. Peggy Whitson has a couple of world records, like the oldest woman in space (at 56) and the most accumulated time on spacewalks by a woman (60 hours, 21 minutes). She’s an awesome lady who has spent 665 days in outer space. (x)


Stretchiest skin. The one is the stuff of nightmares. Garry Turner, who lives in the UK has a medical condition that allows his skin to stretch more than most people. The condition is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It affects all connective tissues in the body. He stretched his stomach skin 6.25 inches away from his body to set this record. (x)

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

Most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime. Donald Gorske averages 14 burgers every week, he even knows exactly how many days in 44 years he hasn’t eaten a burger in; 8. Right now he holds the world record for eating 28,788 burgers in his lifetime. (x)

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