10 Oddest Nicolas Cage Products

1Wikilas Cage Chrome Plugin

I didn't know Nicholas Cage was the home of Motown

This browser extension for Google Chrome promises to reveal that Nicolas Cage is the “One True God.” How? By automatically changing almost every article on Wikipedia to refer to Nicolas Cage and feature various photos of him. The above entry was originally for the city of Detroit. Want even more fun? Install nCage, which replaces all images on every website with the man. Cost: Free! Download here.


2Nicolas Cage Life Mask

The next best thing to being Nicolas Cage is perhaps wearing this life mask and trying to get on the Paramount Studios lot. (Ok, we don’t recommend trying that.) Cost: $29.95


3Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Dry Erase Board

This white board with Nic’s face minus his hair promises you can recreate your favorites or dream up new ones “from the macabre dreamscape of your own twisted fantasy.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Cost: $20


4Nic Cage Perfume

Not just any scent, the full title is Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon and was created by a Becca H.
There’s also an accompanying cosmetic so you can look as good as you smell.
Cost: $15


5Nicolas Cage Activity Book

Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book promises to take you on adventures spanning his unique film career. You can “Uncage” him from mazes or draw him a new face (referring to his film Face/Off) or dress him up to pick up chicks at a seedy bar. Fun for the whole family! Cost: 3 GBP


6Nicolas Cage Windshield Wiper

This is a one-off car sticker created by senekafalls and posted/boasted on Reddit (Carstickers.com did the actual print). It’s made from 70/30 transparent plastic so it’s street legal. Cost: ?


7Nicolas Cage Adventure Set

These reusable vinyl stickers allow you to put Nic on the moon or at a Mayan tomb and cavort with a variety of creatures including a kitty cat. He can even wear a sombrero. Don’t worry kids, it’s compatible with the 2009 Adventure Set made by the same company. Cost: $12


8"Cages Through The Ages" Lip Gloss

Nic Doing The Charleston in a Bustling Speakeasy

Not merely content with eye shadow (see #4) Shiro Cosmetics has an entire line of lip glosses honoring Mr. Cage. What’s even more unusual is the lip gloss cases themselves come with a picture of Nic dressed as a woman from a different era of history. Hey, whatever yanks your crank. Cost: $2-8


9Nicolas Cage, Rembrandt, Mixtape

Artist Sonya Andrews has created a series of paintings called Person Place Thing, inspired by random answers from strangers. This piece, entitled Nicolas Cage, Rembrandt Painting, Mixtape speaks for itself, really. Cost: $9.99


10Photo “Proving” Nicolas Cage is a Vampire

A seller named diabolus insists this photograph is from the 1860s and says it’s evidence that Nicolas Cage is possibly a vampire, reincarnated, or just really old. (And if you buy this, it proves you are really gullible.) Cost: $250,000


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