10 Most Weird Dog Toys

From a mustache to a dog’s bikini and stuffed dog toys, meet ten of the craziest dog toys ever.

1Hotdoll, Love Doll for Dogs

Dogs are animals with enormous sexual appetites that can’t be controlled easily. So this is in artificial way to stop dogs inborn character. The Hotdoll is a natural way (and actually a beneficial one for dog’s health) to control its sexual impulses. This Love Doll for dogs is shaped to be grabbed easily by the dog’s paws like grabbing female hips. Designer: Clement Eloy.


2Bowlingual Voice

A Tomy employee poses with the Bowlingual Voice, a gadget that expresses dogs’ emotions, at the annual Tokyo Toy Show 2009. Tomy claims the gadget analyses a dog’s voice through a wireless microphone attached to its collar and then displays its emotions.


3 Humunga Stache Dog Toy

The Humunga Stache Dog Toy. On one side, it’s a fun black ball for your dog to play with while on the flip side is a gigundus moustache (yes, gigundus). For $15, this would crack me up at least once a day — totally worth it.



One remedy for iPhone envy is a dog toy, called the iBone, developed by Haute Diggety Dog™. No, it’s not hard like a bone. It’s a soft, squeaky 4″ by 6″ pacifier. It’s cushy like a blankie, so that Buddy can always have something comforting in his mouth like Mom has in her hand. When Buddy squeezes the iBone dog toy, he feels love, companionship, and the possibility of fun!


5A Holiday Meal Fit for a Dog

Really, how cute is this? The set includes turkey, corn, baked potato, biscuit, and what appears to be broccoli, served on top of a Frisbee. Yes, a Frisbee plate!


6Maui Flowers Dog Bikini

Make a summertime splash with the Maui Flowers Dog Bikini. Your dog will not be able to resist this cute Spandex bathing suit. Canine Maui Flowers Bikini is two-piece for easy movement with a comfy and practical fit. Price: $18.99


7Grrrona Mexican Beer Dog Toy

Long Summer days kicking back with a Mexican beer and a slice of lime. Summer bliss! Your pooch will love this embroidered plush Grrrona toy featuring a squeaker inside for added delight + this toy is available in two sizes: Small and Large.


8Doggie Chill Pill

Oh boy, don’t you just feel sometimes like giving your dog a “chill pill”? Well, now you can — er — figuratively. These Chill Pills plush and rope toys from Loopies crack me up.



Funny gigantic lips.


10Eco GreenHound Pet Storage Box

Your human children have toy boxes, why not your canine children too? Some people can even train their dogs to put away their toys. Plus, this is made from recycled plastic bottles!


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