10 Most Creative Cookies

From cookies shaped after Lady Gaga to Twitter posts cookies, meet ten of the coolest, yummiest, and most creative cookies ever!

1Lady Gaga Cookies

Fireburns and Matt baked cookies and decorated them to match Lady Gaga’s costumes! Each is shown in close up side-by-side with a photo of the singer wearing the outfit depicted. This took a lot of work.


2Wii Controller Cookies

Talk about fun cookies. Take a look at these sweet Wii Controller Cookies made by Susan from Diamonds for Dessert. These look good and she’s included complete instructions to make your own including using mystery Airheads for the plus signs, making her own A button from scratch and using a food market to label sprinkles for the other buttons.


3Star Trek Cookies

This is the season.. for cookies. Geek cookies to be specific. Our friend Katie from Punk Projects has created yet another piece of home made Trekness. This time it’s sweet looking Star Trek Christmas Cookies. Note the half eaten “expendable crew member” in red- that’s pinpoint attention to detail right there. Other faves you might recognize (from left to right)- Sulu, unknown ensign, Scottie, Expendable crew member, Captain Kirk, Uhura, Spock, Bones, and Chekov.


4Twitter Fortune Cookies

Even if you’re not a Twitter user, these awesome Twitter fortune cookies are a stroke of genius. Twitter user Neven Morgan has decided to integrate some of the best “tweets” ever written into the crunchy interior of fortune cookies. Now we know how the Fail Whale maintains such a healthy girth! Tons and tons of cookies. How would you like to break open a fortune cookie and find the wise words of Merlin Mann or Robert Scoble? Sorry Confucius, we might be won over.


5Sushi Cookies

Look closely. That’s not sushi — they’re cookies! A project created by flickr user Janevieve. We totally want to try these.


6Super Mario Cookie

Probably the coolest cookie I’ve ever seen. An 8bit Mario cookie.


7Obama Cookies

These cookies were made by fellow blogger Mischief Mari of Cha No Ma-ri. She makes ‘the coolest cookies on the planet’. She really does! She made some Obama cookies, which she posted on her blog. They were a big hit with friends and family. Oh, and yes, Mari also made some McCain cookies.


8Bacon Cookies

It’s official. After seeing bacon chocolate, I thought there wasn’t a thing that hadn’t been infused with the salty, smoky awesomeness that is bacon. Until I saw these cookies from Never Bashful with Butter. Not only are the cookies adorned with pieces of bacon “glued” on with a maple flavored icing, but there is bacon inside the cookie. It all started on a dare between blogger “Muffin” and her husband. After much debate about whether cookies could be made better with the addition of bacon, she came up with these. Based on the photo alone, if you ask me, she most certainly proved her point!


9Evil Fortune Cookies

“You will die alone and poorly dressed”.

See, Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies look just like the real thing because, well, they are the real thing. However each of the 10 cookies contains a mean, evil, funny, or depressing fortune. The wrappers are blank, encouraging you to prank friends, family, coworkers, strangers, anyone! Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies also make great gifts to encourage creative anarchy in others. Like syphilis, but funnier and tastier, Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies are the gift that keeps on giving.


10Cellular Mitosis Cookies

The blog Not So Humble Pie has a roundup of science-themed cookies. Among them is a picture of the cellular mitosis cookies made by the blogger behind Reflections of a Science Teacher. Others were inspired by centrifugal governors, genome sequences, and a Sierpinski carpet.


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