10 Most Awesome Suspended Pools

1Embassy Gardens Sky Pool

The Embassy Gardens is a housing complex currently under development in London. The design includes a pair of 10-story apartment buildings, which you will be able to walk—or swim—between!

The pool, which will rest 115 feet above ground, is 90 feet long, 10 feet deep, and 19 feet wide. It will have an entirely transparent glass shell that is 8 inches thick.


2Rooftop Pool at the Jellyfish House

This is the Jellyfish House, a home in Marbella, Spain that is designed by Weil Arets Architects.

The owners wanted to have a view of the nearby Mediterranean Sea, which is blocked on the ground floor by the surrounding hills. The architects responded to their clients’ needs by building the pool on the roof of the four-story house. Residents and guests who are on the floor below the pool don’t have a view of the sea, but they can look straight up to see people in the pool.


3Mirage House Infinity Pool

A unique rooftop infinity pool will embellish a cavernous house designed by Athens studio Kois Associated Architects on the Greek island of Tinos in the Cyclades archipelago.

Rocky hills, derelict windmills, and over 1000 artistic dovecotes define this stunning island’s topography and are the inspiration for such an enticing project. Integrating the house into this picturesque landscape was the ultimate objective. “The visual effect of the mirroring of the pool in combination with the concept of invisibility brought to mind the visual phenomenon of the mirage, from which the project was named,” architect Nikos Patsiaouras said.

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4InterContinental Dubai Hanging Pool

Even on a cold, breezy morning, the prospect of “swimming in infinity” is a clincher to slip into a swimsuit. The cantilevered pool, suspended over the fourth floor of the InterContinental Hotel at Festival City in Dubai, offers the unique experience of both defying gravity and paddling in midair.

The curvy, transparent glass structure is suspended over the creek-side promenade of the hotel, and features stunning views of the Dubai skyline. For those seeking more than just a relaxing swim, this hanging pool is a “must plunge.”

Adding to the dizzying yet overwhelming feeling of “swimming in the sky,” is the breathtaking view through the pool’s plexiglass walls. The elongated pool is sandwiched between magnificent glass structures—led by the iconic Burj Khalifa—on one side, and the tranquil Festival City Boulevard on the other side.

Even as the swimmers enjoy the killer views from above, the pool is also a spectacle for guests trawling the promenade underneath— they can watch the action through the pool’s transparent bottom.


5The Hemeroscopium House and Its "Jenga" Pool

Squint a little and the Hemeroscopium House, designed by Antón García-Abril, looks like a highway underpass. Much like an underpass, the house was built with girders and concrete beams. The huge concrete slab perched atop the structure weighs 20 tons; its weight holds the house together at its center of gravity—like a giant thumb pinning down a precarious Jenga stack.

Amazingly, the whole thing was built in a carefully choreographed sequence that took only seven days to complete. The home’s most dramatic gesture is a long, thin swimming pool, suspended in mid-air.


6Las Lomas Suspended Balcony And Swimming Pool

Lima-based studio Vértice Arquitectos designed this beach house known as Las Lomas I-05 in 2010. The 2,580 square foot contemporary home is located in Playa Las Lomas del Mar, 75 miles south of Lima, Peru. It has a 180° view to the Pacific Ocean to the south, and a panoramic view of the beach to the east and north.

The main goal of the home’s design was to fully exploit the view of the ocean. Two parallel volumes were designed to accomplish this objective. One of leans on the other, which is 1.20 meters higher, to have the desired view of the sea. The volumes are joined by a main circulation axis that ends in a swimming pool overlooking the beach.


7One-of-a-Kind Cantilevered Lap Pool

A world-renowned architectural firm, Anderson-Wise Architects, designed this home near Austin, Texas. The one-of-a-kind cantilevered lap pool with clear sides at one end hangs in the air like a prism above the lake. The pool is supported by the same Y-shaped steel frames as the main house. The cantilevered section of the pool extends approximately 20 feet from the side of a 20-degree grade, which then drops to a cliff.

This house is currently on the market for a whopping $2,950,000.


8Infinity Pool in Bali

The most striking feature of the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali is a large, multi-leveled infinity pool, with curves that are said to copy the shape and beauty of the hills nearby.

Guests can swim to the edge and enjoy peaceful vistas of the ancient Pura Penataran Dalem Segara temple, located on the hillside. Decks adorn the pool, offering visitors a chance to relax and contemplate in the sun.

The resort was built on wooden pillars among the steep rice fields of Ubud. This way, each of the 38 private pool villas is perfectly integrated into this scenic environment.


9Hanging Pool at The Joule Hotel

(Down – Photo by Mark Carroll)

This architecturally-daring pool, designed by Architexas, sits atop the Joule Hotel in Dallas. Ten stories above the ground, the pool extends eight feet over the edge of the building and hangs directly above Main Street, giving dippers dazzling downtown views.


10Casa Vale Do Lobo's Suspended Pool

Casa Vale Do Lobo was completed by Portuguese designers Arqui+. This 6,450 square foot contemporary residence has been developed in a U shape around a central courtyard. A suspended pool forms the focal point of the home. The villa is located in Vale do Lobo, a golf resort in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.


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