10 Most Amazing Animals Giving Birth Videos

WARNING: Videos shows the ENTIRE birth. Graphic Content.

1Giraffe Gives Birth At The Memphis Zoo

In 2008, a female giraffe (Marilyn) and a male giraffe (Kenya) became the proud parents of the Memphis Zoo’s newest arrival. This was the second successful birth of a baby giraffe at the zoo in a two year period; “Angela Kate” was born November 5, 2006, and was the zoo’s first giraffe birth since 1995.

2Birth Of World's Only Giant Panda Triplets Caught On Camera

In August 2014, a giant panda gave birth to the world’s only known surviving set of panda triplets. According to an announcement by the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangdong province, a panda named Juxiao gave birth to the cubs, which were naturally conceived at the zoo on July 29th.

Surveillance footage provided by the zoo showed Juxiao giving birth to the cubs and licking them one by one.

Docile giant pandas, native to the mountains and deep bamboo forests of southwestern China, are notoriously difficult to breed and births can be difficult. Forty-nine pandas were born in China in 2013, but only 42 of them survived. Globally, there are over 370 pandas which have been bred in captivity, while an estimated 1,600 pandas remain in the wild.

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3Fisherman Helps Stingray Give Birth

A fisherman doubled as a midwife after he helped deliver a pregnant stingray’s pups seconds after catching it. Calvin Conger, 18, was about to use the ray as shark bait when he noticed another stinger sticking out of it. His father, Terry Conger, instinctively pushed down on the ray, and they all watched as a baby stingray popped out. Calvin’s mother, Valerie Conger, caught the incredible moment on camera, while his girlfriend, Hannah Harris, cooed in the background.

Calvin was out fishing with his family in Port Charlotte, Florida when the incredible event occurred. All three stingrays were released into the water after the amazing ordeal.

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4White Rhino Gives Birth At Zoo In South Africa

At the Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan (Safari), Tanda, a 20-year-old southern white rhino, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy male calf on June 15, 2012. This was her third birth, and the second successful one.

As with her first son, Tibor (now 4 1/2-years-old), she proved herself to be a loving, tender and carrying mom. The calf was named Terkel in honor of Dr. Amelia Terkel the curator of the Zoological Center.

This video below depicts the birth of Terkel, and early moments of his life. Atari, a 33 years old male, is the proud father of both Tibor and Terkel.

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5Dolphin Gives Birth On Camera

In 2013, a bottlenose dolphin at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois gave birth to a dolphin calf, weighing 40 pounds. The 3-foot mammal was delivered to the 26-year-old mother after a several-hour labour. The calf was said to be adjusting comfortably to its new surroundings.

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6Sea Lion Gives Birth At Sea World

Watch the amazing moment this sea lion gives birth at Sea World.

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7Anaconda Gives Birth Underwater

Not all snakes lay eggs. Ovoviviparity, ovovivipary, or ovivipary, is a mode of reproduction in animals in which embryos develop inside eggs that are retained within the mother’s body until the offspring have fully developed. The eggs incubate while still inside the mother.

On the marshes of Northern Argentina, Sir David Attenborough presents the birth of one of the largest snakes on the planet, the Anaconda.

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8Baby Hippo Is Born At The San Diego Zoo

In 2011, a bouncing baby hippo was born at the San Diego Zoo in front of about a hundred zoo guests. The crowd had gathered during the mother’s two-hour labor. At 11:30 a.m., the mother, Funani, gave birth in the pool. The calf quickly popped up out of the water and took its first breath. It was soon swimming around its mother, who appeared a bit tired from labor.


9Elephant Gives Birth To Baby And Struggles To Wake It Up

Take a look at the dramatic birth of a 118 kg elephant at Safari Park, Taro, Bali on September 9, 2009.


10Little Kangaroo Is Born Only To Spend More Time Growing Inside Mother's Pouch

Check out a red kangaroo giving birth below. The baby will find its way to its mother’s pouch where it will continue to develop and get ready for life on its own.


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