10 Great Reasons to Give Your Dog Probiotics

Presented by: Probiotics Council

Just like our gastrointestinal health is crucial to our heart health, anti-aging desires, and overall nutrition, the same can be said for your four-legged best friend. Our guts are filled with bacteria – both good and bad strains – that have been found to have profound impact on health of the overall body.

In fact, research has inspired many experts to refer to the bacterial ecosystem existing within out bodies known as the microbiome as the “forgotten organ.”

Just like it is important for us to have a healthy and balanced GI tract, it’s just as important for our doggies! One of the best ways you can help keep your dog healthy is by giving them high quality and veterinarian-formulated probiotics and prebiotics. What probiotics can do for our dogs is offer fantastic bacteria and yeast to support crucial bodily functions such as the digestive system and immune system.

If you’re not sure why you should strongly consider administering probiotics to your pup, here are 10 reasons to think about!


1. Dog probiotics can help reduced digestive issues due to illness or stress.                                                                    

One of the first things that can happen to a dog when they are either sick or put into a stressful and unfamiliar situation (from things like travel, moving homes, or having an owner be out of town) is a breakdown of their digestive health. Diarrhea is a common symptom and can hurt your dog in many ways. Many different brands of probiotics for dogs can help with this.

Other issues can include gas, cramping, bad breath, and more. Probiotics have shown a real ability to reduce the duration of diarrhea in dogs from seven days to just four days.


2. Older dogs can use the extra boost.


Once your sweet doggy starts getting a bit up there in age, they are much more susceptible to weakened immune systems. Since nearly 70 percent of immune cells are in the gut, making a point to promote a healthy gut can go a very long way in helping to make sure that the immune system is getting all the help it needs. Your dog’s gut flora is crucial to their overall health and well-being. It could even be a way to try to extend their life!


3. Pets with chronic gastrointestinal distress will be much more comfortable.


If your pet suffers from chronic intestinal distress, you should try to give them a dog probiotic and prebiotics daily to help restart the healthy bacteria in their gut. If practiced regularly, this kind of probiotic use can help support a healthy inflammatory response in their GI tract and ultimately help their over physical state and mood.


4. Dog probiotics may even positively impact behavior.


One of the very first signs that your furry companion isn’t feeling their best is a change in their typical behavior. As humans do, dogs that have unhealthy gut microbiota and digestion problems may also experience emotional issues. An unhealthy gut might lead your dog to exhibit behaviors such as excessive licking, excessive sleeping, or obsessive-compulsive disorders.


So, along with helping your dog have a healthier body, you can also help them have a healthier mind!


5. Dog probiotics can decrease the side effects of antibiotic use.


Antibiotics are of course a crucial part of getting healthy if your dog has is dealing with an infection or serious injury, but antibiotics can also do a fair bit of harm. The reason why is because they do not discriminate when it comes to the bacteria they kill. Typically, a lot of the healthy and helpful bacteria die following extensive antibiotic use. If you know ahead of time that your furry friend is going to be taking antibiotics, you may be wise to try to preempt the damage by starting your dog on probiotics a few days in advance and continuing giving them probiotics following the antibiotic use.


6. Dog probiotics may help encourage healthier teeth and gums.


While the gut microbiota is the largest and perhaps most impactful microbiota in the body, another very important microbiota is in the mouth. Bacteria that live in the mouth help with teeth and gum health. Preliminary studies suggest that giving your dog probiotics can help support dental health throughout life.


7. Dog probiotics can prevent health issues related to unhealthy bacterial balance.


There’s no doubt that it’s both concerning and frustrating when your dog is dealing with something like constipation. Afterall, it’s not like that can actually tell you what’s wrong! If left alone, painful gas, bloating, and cramps can lead to other health issues such as lethargy and loss of appetite. Together with exercise and water, dog probiotics can help support a healthy gut environment, making sure that your dog doesn’t have to deal with these painful and health-risking issues.


8. Dog probiotics can help reduce the risk of stomach issues after a change in food.


If you have been a dog owner for many years, chances are good you know that making a switch can wreak havoc on their digestive system and digestive health. However, sometimes changes have to be made a result to health, age, or allergies. In order to reduce the risk of a nasty case of gastrointestinal distress as a result, prep your dog’s digestive system by providing them with probiotics in the days leading up to the food switch.


9. Dog probiotics may be able to reduce risk of skin allergies.


Allergies (which are actually just confused immune system responses taking place within your body) are becoming increasingly common in both the human and pet populations alike. Researchers believe that the reason for this is in part because of an imbalance of bacteria within the gut. Because gut balance and immune health are so intertwined, giving your dogs probiotics could very well have a positive impact on reducing the misguided immune responses that ultimately manifest as allergic reactions.


10. A healthier gut means better skin, coat, and breath.


Of course your love your dog no matter how they look or smell, but there’s nothing better than cozying up with a soft and silky pup that doesn’t have nasty dog breath! Probiotics can help the skin, hair, and nails look their best on both humans and dogs.

So there you have it.  These are some great reasons to consider helping your dog out by adding probiotics and prebiotics to their daily health regimen. To protect your pet today, you need to sign up for dog insurance. Bivvy is a first of its kind insurance product that’s affordable and transparent.

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