10 Craziest Things To Fall From the Sky

1A rain of spiders in Argentina

On April 6, 2007, a rain of spiders falls from the sky in Salta Province, Argentina. Christian Oneto Gaona and his friends decided to take a trip to Salta Province during their Easter vacation. They started to hike into the San Bernardo Mountain and two hours later, they found the ground around them was blanketed with spiders of many colors, each about four inches across. They found more and more spiders along their way up the mountain. They looked up, and saw numerous spiders falling from the sky. Christian became probably the first person in the world who caught this weird rain on camera.


2A cow that fell from the sky in Japan

In 1997 a Japanese fishing trawler was rescued in the Sea of Japan. They claimed that a cow fell out of the sky, struck the boat, causing it to sink. The crew members were immediately put in jail. About 2 weeks later the Russian Air Force informed the Japanese authorities that the crew of one of its cargo planes had stolen a cow thinking they would have beef for some time. Of course the cow was not fond of its close surroundings and began to thrash about. To save the aircraft and themselves, at about 30,000 feet, the crew shoved the animal out of the cargo hold as they were flying over the sea of Japan.

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3A rain of blood in Colombia

In 2008 a red rain that was certified by a local bacteriologist to be blood fell on a small community of La Sierra, Chocó. A sample was collected and taken to the nearest town, Bagadó, where it was analyzed. The priest of the hamlet says it’s a sign from God that people will have to change their sinful ways.


4A star jelly rain in Scotland

In 2009, a jelly rain fell in Scotland. Scientists commissioned by National Geographic carried out tests on, but they have so far failed to find any DNA in it. Theories for the origins of “star jelly” abound, one of the most plausible theories is that star jelly is regurgitated frog or toad ovaries, vomited by buzzards or herons as it is indigestible, others refer to the remnants of a meteor shower or even a fungus.


5A rain of worms falls from the sky in the USA

Jennings Police Department employee, Eleanor Beal was just crossing the street to go to work when something dropped from the sky. The sky wasn’t falling. She says it was worms, large tangled clumps of them. Where they came from is a mystery, but some believe that a water spout spotted less than five miles away at that same time near Lacassine Bayou could have something to do with it.


6A multi-coloured snow that fell over Siberia

In the Omsk region, about 1,400 miles east of Moscow, smelly orange, yellow and green snow fell in 2007.


7A rain of fish in a desert town in Australia

Lajamanu sits on the edge of the Tanami Desert, hundreds of kilometers from Lake Argyle and Lake Elliott and even further from the coast. But it’s not the first time the remote community has been bombarded by fins from above. In 2004, locals reported fish falling from the sky, and in this opportunity the freak phenomena happened not once, but twice in February 2010. “Hundreds and hundreds of small white fish had fallen alive from the sky everywhere”, a witness said.


8A rain of money in Germany

In 2007 a German motorist saw money flying through the air in her rear view mirror. She pulled over and tried to collect all the notes, unsuccessfully. When police went with her to the scene they could not find any more cash. The money’s origin is unknown.


9A starlings' rain in England

In the Somerset village of Coxley near Wells, over a hundred starlings dropped dead from the skies over Julie Knight’s garden in March 2010.


10A fresh meat rain in USA

On March 9, 1876, a shower of meat fell near the house of Allen Crouch, who lived near Olympian Springs, covering a strip of ground about one hundred yards in length and fifty wide. The sky was perfectly clear at the time, and she said it fell like large snowflakes, the pieces as a general thing not being much larger. Two gentlemen, who tasted the meat, express the opinion that it was a either mutton or venison.


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