10 Craziest Hand Gloves & Mittens

1Twilight Hand Mittens

If you’re willing to publicly identify yourself as a Twilight fan, then you’ve no reason to eschew these mittens made by Etsy seller ChickenBetty. When held together, they look like the hands and apple featured on the cover of the first novel.


2Rabbit USB Hand Gloves

Wanna look like a complete freak while you’re sitting at your computer surfing the web? Then look no further than this crazy USB hand warmer that look like stuffed animals. With this Rabbit USB Hands Warmer, you don’t need to worry your hands getting chilled when working, typing, reading or doing other things. Just plug it into the USB port to heat up the hand warmer. It is available from Gadget4all for $22.50 a pair. I dare you to bring these to work and wear them during a board meeting while you’re typing on your laptop. When the CEO asks WTF is going on with you, just tell him your hands were cold. I’m sure he’ll understand.


3Massage Gloves

Get those magic fingers going with a pair of Vibrating Massage Gloves. The fingertips of these relaxing gloves generate 16-18,000 vibration pulses per minute which is over 4 times the frequency of conventional hand massage devices. Great for relieving tension, stimulating circulation and hitting deeper muscle sections. Each glove can be individually controlled with the detachable controller.

You can set it to do a full five finger massage for your arms, back, legs, stomach, chest or neck, or set it for the less intense two finger massage for sensitive areas like your eyes. The imitation suede gloves run on either battery or AC power. They come in two sizes. Just a heads up, it’s from the UK, so you might need a plug adapter if you don’t run it off batteries and you’re not in the UK.


4LED Gloves

This pair of very cool battery-powered LED Gloves has a set of bright LEDs built into the fingertips. The LED lights have the option modes for you to set them on either static mode or, epileptic flashing or disco chase-light mode if you want to draw attention from others in a pub or a disco.


5Texting Gloves

Fight frostbite and have the flexibility to fire off texts to friends with this specialty winter wear. Unlike traditional gloves, which make hitting keys on a phone keypad or BlackBerry impossible, the fingertips on these flip back, letting tweens and crackberry addicts send dispatches while staying cozy.



Great for “sanitary” handshakes and strip poker, you can have these underpants for $ 11.95.


7Piano Hand Gloves

You want to play piano anywhere but don’t want to lug a bulky and heavy one? Sure, try these Piano Hand Gloves, it’s a pair of neoprene gloves that can be used to play different piano pieces minus that keyboard. Simply put on the piano hand gloves and allow its uniquely designed sensors located on its fingertips activate the piano notes which can be heard right into its built-in speaker. Cool right! Piano Hand Gloves comes with 30 different rhythms to listen, an adjustable tempo control and a learning feature so you can master the 10 different demo songs integrated into its uniquely designed gloves. Piano hands also built with 7 different musical instruments like drum kit, trumpet and guitar so you can have more fun and excitement right into your very own fingertips.


88-Bit Cursor Hand Mitt

After a long, tiring day of surfing the web at the office, bake up some grub and protect your mouse hand with one of these cool new Cursor Hand Oven Mitts. These fun 8-bit oven mitts are shaped like the iconic computer cursor hand and are perfect for dragging and dropping hot dishes to and from the oven. By designer Anderson Horta.


9Ping Pong Paddle Gloves

Take your table tennis game to a whole new level when you wear these cool new Brodmann Blades – Ping Pong Paddle Gloves. Instead of holding the paddle by the traditional handle, these innovative double-sided paddles slip over your hands like gloves. By making your hand the paddle, you gain greater ball control, better hand-eye coordination, faster volleys, an improved backhand, and more spin. Since you can feel where the ball hits, the entire face of the paddle essentially becomes one giant sweet spot, with no vibration when hitting the ball off center. They look fun, but I guess I also need a table now too.


10Mommy Mittens

Stroller-weilding moms don’t have the option, even on the coldest winter days, to stuff their frozen hands into their coat pockets. No, no, steer on we must. So for those bitter mornings when mere gloves are just not cutting it, take warm, cozy comfort in this clever little invention: the Mommy Mitten. It fits over the handle of bar strollers and offers the protection of three layers: weather-proof outside, insulating middle, and soft fleece interior. Snuggly.


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