10 Coolest Restaurants Around the World

Everyone likes to go out to eat but these restaurants are the coolest restaurants to eat out at. These places are all around the world and they are truly awesome. 

The Underwater Restaurant

Yes, a restaurant that is underwater. How could that not be one of the coolest restaurants, if not the coolest? Scariest? Most claustrophobic? You tell me. Whether you want to visit or not, it’s hard to say it’s not awesome. This underwater restaurant is in the Maldives, called Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. This eating spot is two metres under the sea and provides an amazing view of the marine wildlife, all while you eat. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is obviously in a class of its own, but the price reflects that as well, so expect to spend a pretty penny dining here.

The Cliff Restaurant

A restaurant in the cliffs, over the ocean, so beautiful it looks like a postcard or movie set. The Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese is literally on/in a cliff that overlooks Italy’s Adriatic Sea. It’s so close to the edge of the cliff and the sea but absolutely stunning from the outside in, can you even imagine what it looks like from the inside?

The Restaurant in the Sky

Named the Skyline Restaurant, the way t dine in New Zealand’s Queenstown can only be gotten to via gondola. Of course everything about this place is five stars and you can see everything from your table, including the sheep of the land. There’s outdoor seating, too, and the luge and snow is beautiful, as well. 

The Hotel Rooftop Bar

The bar known as Vertigo Bar Banyan Tree Bangkok has its name for a reason, so if you have a fear of heights, this isn’t the place for you. This food here is nothing but the best including imported steaks, lambs, and seafood. 

The Ice Restaurant

At this cold restaurant, everything is made of snow or ice, making this the absolute coolest of restaurants. Snow Castle Restaurant is in Finland. The food and drink here is the only thing that doesn’t follow this cold theme. But the ice does cool down the food, and it’s as quickly as you’d think it’d be, so eat up. Crazy but true, this restaurant is rebuilt every winter. 

The Treehouse Restaurant

This one is truly unique, and not only in the trees, but in the trees that are the tallest on the entire planet. There’s bad news though, and that’s the Redwoods restaurant isn’t a casual dining spot, so much so that there’s a $3,000.00 price tag to book the venue. But could you imagine having an event here, like a massive birthday party or even a wedding? Stunning. Who could say no to eating among the tallest trees on the planet?

The Adventure Restaurant

The Safe House in Milwaukee is the next level for your typical game night. The outside doesn’t tip you off to the inside of this place, so to speak, but you need a password to get in and as diners, you are suddenly cast into roles as spies and given a mission. The atmosphere and food here are both casual and you can order menu items like “Checkpoint Charlie” and “Double Agent.”

The Tower Restaurant

The Eiffel Tower to be exact. I mean, you can eat at a restaurant and look at the Eiffel Tower, or you can eat at the Eiffel Tower. Cool! Guests can see an outstanding view of the streets of Paris, France, all from (slightly) above, at 58 Tower Eiffel. The restaurant is on the first floor of this French monument. Lunch and dinner are expensive so save up if you want to eat here for a special occasion, or even a fun splurge. Oui, Oui!

Another Tree Restaurant

This tree restaurant focuses on comfort and the view is to die for. Meals are delivered by waiters who are dangling from zip lines at Soneva Kiri in Thailand. This tree-pod is 15 feet above ground, located at the resort in the Koh Kood rainforest complete with ocean views. Beautiful views and a whole new dining experience, how cool. 

The Patio Near the Sea Restaurant

Anyone who’s ever seen pictures of Greece knows it for its seaside appearance, white buildings and a deep blue sea. A sunset at the Remvi Restaurant in Santorini, Greece, overlooking the Aegean Sea is the stuff of dreams. This restaurant offers dining to hotel guests and tourists alike. Seafood is the best of the best here, due to the Aegean Sea. You can even see the volcano that produced the lava, you know, the whole reason the island is there today. That’s the coolest .

Any of these restaurants would be awesome to visit. Whether you’re in Paris, France, or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have fun enjoying any of these experiences at the coolest restaurants from around the world. 


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