10 Coolest Leggings and Tights

1Crawling Bugs Tights

These original tights are offered by the French company Les Queues de Sardines. The elegant and eye-catching tights are decorated by unique graphic images, like bugs crawling. Screen-printed by hand on a farm in rural France, these exclusive fashion tights will never go unnoticed. All tights are created in limited number so you should hurry up if you want to have some.


2Nike Skeleton Tights

Some people just don’t know when to cut back on the workouts. Skin and bones isn’t a good look, honey! These Nike Pro Printed Skeleton Tights feature images of X-Ray bones digitally printed on the outside. Nike claims that the exclusive print tight gives a glimpse of the wearer’s “inner toughness.” Hmm, all these bones remind me of is Halloween decorations and osteoporosis.


3Tetris Leggings

Looking for a last-minute gift for your cell phone Tetris-addicted sweetie? Leggings of her favorite game may be the winning score. Check out the latest geek-meets-chic daring design with these Tetris Leggings ($24.99).


4Fur Leggings

Welcome to Earth, where apparently anything goes. I cannot confirm 100%, but I’m pretty sure these are actual goat hair, since their site says…

goat hair, sparkle knit with grey swirls leggings. wear over boots, stockings, tight jeans, by themselves, down at the ankle, or twist them up!

While other items are listed as Faux Fur, some do say goat fur. That is not really the issue at hand, and we need to get to the point. What chick in this world would want to actually dress up and look like a horse? We cannot imagine a ton of compliments coming your way with a pair of these things on your legs. “Oh so pretty, you look just like a two-legged horse.” “Great, that’s just the look I was going for.”


5Mood Leggings

These Legs Talk leggings are meant to indicate what sort of mood the wearer is in, judging by the length of her skirt. The labels start at knee length and, as the skirt length is raised, the descriptors become more and more scandalous. Demure, Discreet, Subtle, Playful, Sensual, Impulsive, Seductive, Provocative, Daring, Passionate, Cheeky — you’re exposing ass at this point, FYI — Dangerous, and Femme fatal. I have to assume that last one is labeled right at your crotch. Whenever I wear leggings, it’s always classified as Disastrous or Embarrassing.


6Revolution Leggings

VIVA LA REVOLUTION. Guillotines, uprisings, and something about cake. What’s not to like? Seriously though, we love artwork and this piece is so intense it had to be put on leggings.


7Cat Tights

SeoulRhythm is accepting preorders for these adorable Cat Tights. On the front they’ve got kitty heads, and on the back, cat tails. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these tights are currently in stock. Hopefully, more will arrive soon.


8Muscle Leggings

Black Milk Clothing is back at it again, “It” being weird clothes. This time they’ve got some leggings displaying an anatomically correct diagram of the muscular system. It’s… creepy to say the least. But hey, I’ll try anything made out of stretchy material!


9Louis Vuitton Tights

Louis Vuitton monogram tights.


10C-3P0 Leggings

Now, here is a fashion we get: sci-fi inspired fashion, complete C-3P0 leggings designed by French designer Nicolas Ghesquière of the house of Balenciaga. His creations include Stormtrooper leggings and designs inspired by Tron and The Terminator.


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