10 Coolest Game Shot Glasses You Can Actually Buy

1Drinking Dart Shot Glasses

Four darts, four shot glasses and a dart board make for a whole lot of fun. The Drinking Dart Game is perfect for any party or get together.


2Shot Glass Checkers Set

In this checkers set ($21.95), whenever you capture an opponent’s piece you have to drink it.

The most valuable pieces have greater capacity so the advantage of being ahead in the game is offset by increased inebriation and a rapid deterioration in performance!


3Jenga Shot Glasses

The Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game is a game of steady hands, big laughs and seeing double! We have all played the famous block stacking game “jenga” before; this is the same concept with a wild twist!

Each of the 60 wooden blocks has one of 15 challenging commands printed on it. Upon removing the block the person must read the block and the table or player must follow that command. After that challenge has been completed they put the block back on top of the pile and repeat until the tower falls down.


4Roulette Shot Glasses

This Shot Roulette Game ($11.35) combine the fun of casinos and home parties. Each set includes 16 glasses on a roulette wheel, with 2 metallic roulette balls.


5Tic Tac Toe Shot Glasses

Enjoy this tic tac toe shot glass ($7.49) The set is made of glass and includes one board and nine glasses.


6Drinking Lottery

This is a lottery ($16.99) where everybody wins.


7Golf Shot Glasses

Add excitement to your hobby with this beautiful glass gaming set ($14.89).


8Battleship Shot Glasses

This has to be the coolest version of Battleships we have seen, the Enigma Battleship Drinking Game. It was designed Mauricio Harion from Brazil and the idea is that your ships are made up of different shot glasses. Each time you’re hit you have to drink a shot.

Although just a design at the moment, I can see some manufacturer picking this up as this would be great for parties.


9Chutes and Ladders Shot Glasses

Yo, gamers, fasten your seatbelts. Chutes and Ladders ($16.11) has taken on a whole new meaning. Just roll the dice, and follow the board. Shot glasses included.


10Basket Ball Shot Glasses

Elevate your party with this shot glass basketball set ($24.24) from Game Night. Featuring six shot glasses and game board, this is perfect for any grownup get together.


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