10 Cool Hoodies You Can Actually Buy

From a storm trooper to a frightening werewolf, meet ten funny and cool hoodies you can actually buy.

1Storm Trooper Hoodie

If you always wanted to be a storm trooper but felt the hard plastic armor was a little cold and uninviting your dreams have come true. Be the coziest Stormtrooper ($39.99) in the empire with this stylish hoodie!

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2Captain America Hoodie

Robin Hood not your thing? This creative hoodie will instantly transform you into Captain America($54.95)!


3Pac-Man Hoodie

Wear the 80’s with pride; this Pac-Man ($42.95) maze pattern goes all the way around the sweatshirt, pretty cool hoodie!


4Green Lantern Hoodie

This Green Lantern costume hooded zip up sweatshirt is inspired by the costume worn by the Green Lantern ($49.99). The inside of the hood features a “drop down” mask.


5Werewolf Hoodie

Long sleeve hoodie with printed plaid torn shirt and wolf chest and vinyl half face werewolf mask ($27.00).


6So So Happy Turquoise Taco Hoodie

You’ll be so so happy sporting this turquoise and pink hoodie ($46.00) that features Taco, complete with pink spikes running down the spine!


7Skeleton Hoodie

What an awesome sweatshirt! You’ll attract the right kind of attention in this cool ghoul skeleton sweatshirt hoodie ($39.99).


8Simpson Barcode Hoodie

This Simpson Hoodie ($24.99) is even customizable! Very creative and funny.


9iPod Hoodie

Give your iPod ($9.44) some style and a bit of attitude.


10Red Devil Girls Hoodie

This red Hoodie Jacket ($12.99) has horns on the hood. Perfect accent to your devil costume.


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